Beijing Rural Commercial Bank takes multiple measures to ensure financial services for the Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will soon begin.As a major landmark event at an important historical juncture of China, hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics is a major event of the Party and the country and a solemn commitment of China to the international community.Beijing agri-businesses bank’s agriculture “double the city”, Beijing for many years, around the winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games key tasks, key projects, make payment convenience, service, high quality, safe and efficient games payment service environment, support the games related projects, for the games event to provide high standards, high level and high quality financial services.We will fully support the preparations for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games with credit funds.Cumulative credit support on olympics-related projects 4, covering the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics yanqing division part B level land development projects, yanqing division on the games village through the news center of the PPP projects, and high speed highway (Beijing segment) project, phase ii of the national convention center (2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing the main press center and international broadcast center), etc.The total amount of credit granting exceeded 4 billion yuan.Guarantee key Scenes In the construction of payment service environment for key scenes of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank gives full play to its regional advantages that have been locally based for many years, and efficiently completes merchant survey while actively expanding blank merchants to guarantee the successful completion of the construction of key scenes of payment environment for the Winter Olympics.After construction process, the active docking the payment and settlement association in Beijing, many times to travel to Beijing, China unionpay branch, Beijing unionpay business co., LTD. Discussion floor plan, organization, site investigation, scientific decision-making “provide” work plan, the “earthly branch led + introducing external qualified professional company” ways of working,Payment and settlement in Beijing association, the Beijing branch of China unionpay related units, such as the support of the mission area of earthly branch yanqing, haidian branch, and the Olympic core area of xicheng, dongcheng branch actively cooperate with and give full play to the geographical advantages, active docking related units and merchants, supervision, cooperate with outsourcing unit MoPai work, accumulated MoPai merchant 2851 households.At the same time, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank also combined with its own specially contracted merchant development strategy, actively expand blank merchants.During the period of environmental construction and planning, the association and UnionPay Beijing Branch have approved the expansion of more than 2,000 merchants and opened 5,764 foreign card merchants in total, following the principle of “no access without quality”, actively marketed phoenix Smart Pay products, signed foreign card receipt and cloud flash payment payment functions.Improve service temperature For winter, winter paralympic games services, issued the heart hand is linked together Outside communication infinite “sign language training films and manual, please professional teacher for sign language training, carry out” the most beautiful season environmental services “and” season best service with a smile “activities, organizing frontline staff to carry out online multiple scene service training, promote business office service environment, service attitude,Sign language, English and other services step up.In industry organization youth volunteers to participate in “meet in Beijing” series of winter sports events, haidian district, the capital gymnasium test event volunteer service activities and city of the 2022 winter Olympics volunteer service activities, volunteer zealously for residents civilization brochures, popularize knowledge about the games, maintains the scene order, compulsory directions, stick to the volunteer service post,Outside the stadium, a beautiful “voluntary blue” landscape line has been formed to create a more civilized, clean and orderly urban environment for the upcoming Winter Olympics, and make contributions to the wonderful sports event with practical actions.With the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, the construction of a safe, convenient, high-quality and efficient financial service environment is an important guarantee for the smooth holding of the Games.Beijing Rural Commercial Bank will focus on the construction of payment service environment, the docking of financing needs and financial service support, and make full efforts to provide financial services and contribute financial strength to the Winter Olympics.