Romantic copy | want to hold the whole star quietly give you all over the sky spark

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You are the beginning of all love poems.With you, insipid also has a meaning.Can not put the phone, more can not put you.Life is not only poems and distance, but also you.Gentle heart is you, eyes are you.All the good, all is after you appear.There is a city between us, but there is a bridge in our hearts.My life is so much, I don’t mind giving it all to you.I’d rather tuck you in than say good night.Temporary separation, I only do one thing, full-time love you.You come to me dusty than all the distant gentleness.Because it is you, SO no matter where you are, I will wait.I want to hug you across the distance, rather than holding my mobile phone and saying I miss you.I would like to accompany you until the ecg hill into the sea.I’m sorry I can’t be with you. I can only stay in your heart.Even if our distance is far away, it will not exhaust my strength to love you.If you are willing to listen to me every day, then I love you every day.Someone asked me what spring was, so I remembered the first time I met you.Chew, gnaw and swallow everything that prevents me from getting to you in this world.You are this plain water as light days, I secretly add a sugar.21. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, our hearts are tightly linked to each other.Before I met you, I had a lot of requirements for the future, but after I met you, I just wanted to be honest with you.When the sun is about to set, the street lights will continue to light up, continue to warm the heart.To the world you may be just you, but to me you may be everything.I want to live not only in your eyes and your heart, but also in your bed and your arms.Love should make people become gentle and brave, not always make you feel wronged and compromise.If you go north, I will be the farthest light in the south, guiding you back to me.When I see you next time, I will save all my body temperature and give you a warm hug.Even if you are not by my side, but, as long as I think of you, I feel my world becomes especially gentle 30 Because you are in the Eastern hemisphere, I am in the Western hemisphere, so if we are together, that is the whole world.Florist need flowers, flowers do not need florist, florist need more than you a flower, flower is more than you a.You come to me, I feel like a day apart like three years.You smile at me, and you think that three years have not seen but a day.If a lifetime can be with you, that is called the future, if not you, that my life is called will.The days are sweet, like lemonade in the morning, like the sun in the early winter, like the sea in a dream, like the first time I met you.36 will give you two opportunities to skip class, there must be something more important than class.Like the scene outside the building, or the moon tonight.37 “I guess she must be a god of tenderness and romance, who fell to earth with hot love after a drunken sunset glow.”Meet you so beautiful things, like the forest to hear the wind, like the night around the stars, like summer to match the watermelon, like the ocean to accommodate the blue 39 remember to bring me a bouquet of flowers when you come to see me again, if it is urgent, just help me fold a flower, if not, on time to the appointment.Passing a flower seller, you ask me do I want flowers?I said forget it, it will dry up in a few days, but I turn around in three steps, I hope you can feel it.There will always be someone who likes you in the most simple way, not routine, not tease you.You know, like you so much, you want to be nice to you.My life is a barren land, planted on flowers are dead leaves, only you turn over the mountains for me to butterfly, gentle and romantic bloom a midsummer fireworks.I like to stand indiscriminately on my side of the people, rather than always give me reason, who does not like to be backed by the feeling, you know me first than gossip.44 you are late for many years but I still happy to give you for your coming with what is really don’t want to bring in my life the most pure love and tenderness to you 45 is a special flower, you want to how long, how long, don’t have to grow roses, even if the whole world waiting for you to grow roses, I still hope you can do yourself.I love the mountains and fields of the woods, love the sunset cloud steaming Xia Wei, love the endless sea and sky.I love you not to cuddle and cuddle, but I can’t help caring about you, caring about you, thinking about you, want to understand you, not because OF my persistence, but because you are worth it.I open a bakery, you open a flower shop, so that you can send me a small bouquet of flowers every day, I can wear a small dress with a soft cake to find you, that evening must be very beautiful.Love is obvious, it doesn’t need confirmation.When you again and again to each other is not love you, love has not been, love never need to confirm, do not love only need.Liking people is like picking up shells on the beach, not the biggest one, not the most beautiful one, just find one you like, and then hide it in your pocket as a treasure, never go near the beach again.Ten people can express their love in ten ways, warm or calm.A truly healthy relationship is not about mutual suspicion or imitation, but about two people working in the way they feel most comfortable with each other.My wife loves hugs too much. Hugs are my gas station.When you are tired, you need a hug. When you are unhappy, you need a hug. When you feel happy, you need a hug.To me, a hug speaks louder than a lot of words, and a hug doesn’t matter.53 Spread poetry and blueberry jam on buckwheat bread, make a fur vest out of the sunlight in the trees, talk to the cats and dogs and the sparrows pecking at the Windows, pour broken stars into late-night coffee cups, and make a little girl in your heart.If you love life, life must be clearer than anyone.Want you to be my heart’s resident, daydreaming in my planet.Fly a plane to explode small fireworks, barefoot in the sand to pick up a fish, the moon and stars small stuffed in his pocket, there is no scientific basis is ok, in my case you are the basis of everything.I’m greedy, I don’t just want to be the one to share your happiness, your troubles, your bad mood, I also want to try to embrace and bear.I am very stupid, do not understand romance, will only keep talking to you about some things, urgent, will only stutter to say I love you.I love you.The English word for Astronaut is actually a compound from the ancient Greek words “Astro” meaning “star” and “naut” meaning “sailor”.So astronaut literally means “star sailor”.Ps: The copywriting source is Momo’s wechat official account, Momo Copywriting Pavilion ~ (remember to pay attention to it, super loud ~)