Love means action!Give your esports boyfriend clarie 27E1Q monitor for Valentine’s Day

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Gu Ailing won the gold medal at the age of 18, telling the world with her actions that girls are as strong as boys in sports!As a matter of fact, ice and snow sports are characterized by regional strength, high investment and sports risks, and it is difficult for ordinary families to support ice and snow sports for a long time.But xiaobian as a southerner, can only celebrate the “frog princess” championship screen, by the way rob rob ice pier pier!In fact, there is another sport, not only a wide audience, but also a low threshold, that is “e-sports”.In April 2019, the General Administration of Sport of China officially listed e-sports as one of the sports competitions!Xiaobian, my boyfriend once served as the captain of LOL national college league in college, leading the team into the top 4.Unfortunately, as a fan of e-sports, facing semi-professional opponents or slightly inferior, and finally stopped at 4 strong.At present, her boyfriend is engaged in the e-sports game “Pig Bo”, usually live broadcast to explain the event, the water friends competition, although not famous, but also has fixed fans, feel very happy.Annual 214 is coming, and many sisters in the circle often ask me what gifts I should give my boyfriend.In fact, as e-sports enthusiasts, e-sports peripheral, the most practical display!After all, send computer host, ZA to the configuration is not too understand, and the host also consider the suitability between the hardware, so to like e-sports boyfriend send Taiwan e-sports monitor is more appropriate!Xiaobian on Christmas Eve to male ticket sent Taiwan KOORUI 27E1Q e-sports monitor, so far her boyfriend in the live broadcast also often kua this monitor, here is also recommended to you sisters!By the way, I also briefly introduce the configuration and functions of KOORUI 27E1Q.Simple, atmospheric appearance KOORUI 27E1Q has a 27-inch large screen, three narrow edge design makes the screen size larger!The monitor stand and base are alloy material, strong texture, and full weight.Pure black body with blue lines on the back, the overall identification degree is higher, more personalized.The overall appearance is more simple, atmospheric, and very durable.As an esports display, the KOORUI 27E1Q bracket also has a rotating lifting function, capable of 130mm height lifting and 30° left and right rotation.This feature makes the user experience more personal, allowing users to adjust the most comfortable sitting position in different situations, such as games, movies and entertainment.In particular, xiao Bian’s boyfriend, as an anchor, can lie on his back and chat with fans when he is tired of live broadcasting, and also let the male boyfriend relax as much as possible after work.2K HD resolution must be no stranger to resolution!Display common resolution of 1080P, 2K, general 24 inch display standard with 1080P resolution, almost no obvious sense of granularity.KOORUI 27E1Q is configured with 2K resolution on the basis of the 27-inch large screen, which synchronously improves the screen size and resolution to ensure the clarity of the screen.Daily no matter playing games, or cooking drama is very good, the screen is very delicate, there is no fuzzy feeling.144Hz High refresh rate The refresh rate refers to how many frames a monitor can update per second.Simply put, a higher refresh rate means faster screen refresh, less drag, and smoother FPS playing.The refresh rate of KOORUI 27E1Q reaches 144Hz, which belongs to high refresh rate!In addition to LOL, I occasionally broadcast CSGO live. I couldn’t help but feel pleased when I saw the game screen was very smooth and there was no lag when the camera changed the perspective quickly.If you have a 60Hz monitor at home, make sure your man tries 144Hz!Feel the high refresh rate of the carefree feeling, it will be difficult to return to the embrace of 60Hz!KOORUI 27E1Q has a 99%sRGB color gamut and 90%DCI-P3 wide color gamut, making this display highly saturated and restored, making the scenes of large games more realistic and immersive.However, the game screen is mostly quadratic, and the experience of chromatic aberration is not obvious. The experience of chromatic aberration is more obvious when cooking drama and drawing, and you can obviously feel the small chromatic aberration of the screen, almost not feel the obvious chromatic aberration!This alone, xiaobian believes that this monitor can PK most of the current price of the display, not only in the field of e-sports display!Ladies, as a haven for the men we love, we have to support their careers and hobbies!Love, can’t just stay in the mouth, can’t do mouth strong king, must be bold action!As a family member of e-sports practitioners, I highly recommend this KOORU 27E1Q, both in appearance and game performance are very good, if you are at home that is still using the ordinary monitor, might as well take advantage of this Valentine’s Day to update his equipment!After all, fighting!Have a weapon while you can!If you love him, give him.