Is there a stock that has risen every day for 5 days in a row in a depressed market for nearly a week?Do have

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The recent week the overall market downturn, the fund stock market are “no see”.But seven stocks rose every day for nearly a week, and analysts dug deeper to “surface” them.No ups and downs, no board, steady rise may also be a kind of happiness.In 5 trading days, the increase was more than 0% (20220119 — 20220126) 1.Zhengtong Electronic 0021972. Duofo 0024073. Zhongke Electric 3000354.Dangsheng Technology 3000735. Junting Hotel 3010736. Angel Yeast 6002987.Mingyang intelligent 601615 do not recommend, only regular stock price collation statistics, to help you find more information and trends.Learn more about the stock market than you might normally find