Exclusive interview with Music Director Zhao Lin: Convey Chinese style from the perspective of “we”

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Whether it is fuping children singing in Greek, or writing the theme song, the music of the opening ceremony has a lot of innovation and characteristics, let’s see the exclusive interview of music director Zhao Lin.Zhao Lin, music director of the opening Ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games: You are like the program of The Fifth Ring. In terms of music, I also invited 20 composers to write, and in the end, two composers stayed and kept pace. In fact, each composer has completely different samples from the beginning to now.Because this time the director also mentioned that he hoped to hire more young people in music.He said, this is a big international platform, and I think this big platform should give young people the opportunity to participate in this kind of thing.The director said, “I will give you three materials: one is a snowflake, one is a community with a shared future, and one is the world as one Family. On this basis, they will submit their works one after another.Cao Yan, CCTV reporter: We know that music is a universal language, and it is also a good carrier to transmit Traditional Chinese culture. So this time, in the overall work of music, did we give special consideration to the transmission of traditional culture, or did we deliberately choose to do this?The 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony music director Zhao Lin: we are hidden in each of the music, do you like spring inside is really useful to our folk music elements, and then use some, of course, this is a different expression, snow build inside, actually a lot of focus on programs, we can have some of the Chinese style in it.Through the music elements and music style, that is to say, we should have our own Chinese music elements and music style in it. In fact, there is tujia Gaoqiang, for which we specially invited a non-hereditary inheritor from Hubei province.Zhao Lin said that the athletes used the world famous music to change the way of the parade, there is a special consideration.Zhao Lin, music director for the opening Ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games: Most of the music we have selected is from the classical period to the early 20th century.From the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, classical music is very famous works, this group of works has become the common musical heritage of mankind, this is a human race, we face the human pageant, we give you such a human race to express these works.Because in fact, the previous Olympic Games, has not used such a way to enter the music design, this is our first, and we can follow the music, this feeling is very interesting.Cao Yan, CCTV reporter: What is particularly important is that it is also a change of perspective.Zhao Lin, music director of the opening Ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games: It is us, in fact, the whole mankind. I think we should look at it from such a point of view, rather than what we are or what we are. In fact, in many places, we are showing our tolerance to the world.(CCTV reporter Cao Yan)