Zhongshan: plan to build high-end digital industrial park in the next 5 years

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On January 29, the reporter learned that zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology took the report of zhongshan’s 15th Party Congress as the program of action to accelerate the implementation of the spirit of the two sessions, further emancipate the mind, change the style of work, take the initiative to seize the opportunity to create a new situation of high-quality development of Zhongshan’s industrial economy.In the next five years, Zhongshan will invest at least 5 billion yuan to support the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry.At present, the bureau is speeding up the policy detailed rules and landing.At the same time, we will speed up the construction of large industrial clusters and modern theme industrial parks to expand the space for high-quality industrial development in zhongshan.The Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Zhongshan city will unswervingly carry out the industrial transformation and upgrading project this year, it said.We should focus on both transforming and upgrading traditional industries and fostering emerging industries, care for entrepreneurs with all our heart, provide efficient services to enterprises, speed up the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, make strategic pillar industries bigger and stronger, actively plan the layout and cultivate and strengthen the development of strategic emerging industries, and comprehensively improve industrial competitiveness.After the release of Policies and Measures for Promoting digital and Intelligent Transformation and Development of Manufacturing industry in Zhongshan City, a series of detailed implementation rules formulated by Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology are in the stage of soliciting opinions.In terms of digital and intelligent transformation and development, in the next five years, it will plan to build high-end digital industrial parks, introduce and cultivate 1-2 benchmark industrial Internet or digital enabling platforms, and promote 1000 small and medium-sized enterprises to “go on the cloud platform”.We will support enterprises in building digital and intelligent demonstration factories and workshops, and build a number of benchmark enterprises in digital and intelligent transformation.More than 700 industrial enterprises were encouraged to carry out technological upgrading.The person in charge of the bureau said that this year will continue to implement the provincial zhongshan city technical reform support policy, combined with the trend of digital intelligent transformation, accelerate the promotion of enterprise intelligent transformation and upgrading, promote manufacturing enterprises “strong body”.Zhongshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau will implement “one enterprise, one policy” to support the development of leading enterprises.We will promptly select a number of strong, promising and willing enterprises to develop a tailored package of support programs, and pool resources to support the development of 50 billion yuan or 100 billion yuan flagship enterprises.From November to December 2021, 3 industrial parks in Zhongshan were awarded provincial industrial parks successively.Among them, Zhongshan has been approved to build a large industrial cluster area, which is one of the first seven large industrial cluster areas in the province.The total planning area of Zhongshan large-scale industrial cluster is about 458.69 square kilometers, covering parts of 11 towns and streets such as Torch Development Zone, Cuiheng New District, Shiqi Street and Dongdong Street.Zhongshan will drive the industrial upgrading of the whole city through the construction of large industrial agglomeration area.Zhongshan Industry and information Bureau said that it will speed up the construction of provincial large industrial agglomeration.We will promptly formulate an implementation plan for the development of clusters, set up an overall coordination agency at a high level, and adhere to high-level planning, high-standard construction, efficient operation, and high-quality development.Make good use of provincial support funds to promote the substantive construction stage as soon as possible.Zhongshan Industry and Information Bureau will also plan to build a modern theme industrial park., in accordance with the principle of “fixed” theme park planning and construction standards, set industry direction, set the park enterprises access standard, has the strength of the support policy, across evaluated integratedly planning to build a batch of ten thousand mu, one thousand mu modern theme park, guide the intelligent home appliances, health medicine, clean energy, photovoltaic and intelligent terminal industry, enterprise development, the maximum protection to expand manufacturing development space.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement 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