Wuxi station ticket price of 2022 dance drama “Only This Green”

2022-05-04 0 By

The stunning dance drama “Only This Green” is coming to Wuxi!This green Wuxi station in 2022, the drama is based on the green landscape painting of the Northern Song Dynasty “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” in the Palace Museum as the background, with dance as the vocabulary, will be a Classic Chinese legend!Dance poem drama “Only this green” Wuxi station time: 2022-06-18 Saturday 19:30 Dance poem drama “Only this green” Wuxi Station location: Wuxi Grand Theater Source:CCTV spring Tiger evening dance poem “Only this green” with abstract freehand brushwork way, dialogue with the northern Song dynasty genius painter Wang Ximeng, show the peak of green landscape painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, become the Spring Festival Gala “bang”.Poetic drama “only the green” adopts the narrative structure of spatio-temporal crisscross type, plot set the time as the reality of “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” in this exhibition, one thousand before the young artist is about to come, meng ZhanJuan people because of the Trinidad Jiang Shantu study, into the meng’s heart, with its after the agony and draw the Trinidad Jiang Shantu of precious time.This dance drama interprets the ancient people’s love for the Song Dynasty. The actors’ hair styles, costumes, music and dancing are very ethereal and quiet!The 2022 Green Wuxi Station presents a visual feast to pursue the meaning of the root of Chinese civilization!