To train high-quality teachers as an important guarantee of school development

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Talent training is an important guarantee for the development of education.It is an important task for us to cultivate a team of teachers who are brave and capable of undertaking great responsibilities.As a compulsory education stage of the school, through the organic integration of party history learning education and talent training, to train with high political standing, high ideological consciousness, strong learning ability, high professional level of talent team.One, careful deployment, create an atmosphere, do a good job of party members and cadres and all teachers ideological mobilization work.To strictly in accordance with the superior deployment, the establishment of the Party branch secretary as the leader of the party history study and education activities working group, unified arrangement and deployment of the party history study and education work, focusing on the four books developed a detailed study plan.Through the branch committee, party member conference, administrative regular meeting, school staff conference, flag-raising activities, LED screen, hanging banners, party history learning education special display board and other forms of party member cadres, teaching and learning the importance of party history learning education activities to learn and educate, improve everyone’s learning awareness,For the next stage to carry out good party history study education to enhance the comprehensive quality laid the ideological foundation.Second, comprehensive coverage, in-depth practice, innovative study and education of party history.According to the party history study plan, the branch should through the branch committee, party members conference, night school concentrated study and party members use spare time self-study and other forms of party history study education activities, and write a large number of study notes;Through the study of powerful country and the three Jin Pioneer APP for online party history learning, timely understanding of our party’s century-old history, recent work and national policies.Through the study of party history education special teaching research, according to the school conditions, innovation to carry out the study of Party history education form, promote the in-depth development of the study of Party history education activities.At the same time, it is necessary to carry out special teaching and research of Party history study and education in the history discipline group and the moral and legal discipline group, organize teachers to actively participate in the selection of “Micro-class of Party history”, and primary and secondary schools to actively participate in micro-video solicitation activities, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff to participate in the party history study and education activities.Through party congresses, all Party members will be organized to watch Party lectures and other video materials to vividly display the CPC’s century-long struggle and great spirit, and deeply feel the Entrepreneurial spirit of Self-reliance, hard work, and selfless dedication of Chinese Communists, as well as the pioneering, innovative, enterprising, and pragmatic spirit of reform and innovation.Three, take the problem as the orientation, causes the party history study education activity to go deep.(a) to carry out a good “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, the school branch based on the actual school, problem-oriented, through the collection of opinions and suggestions to determine “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities project list.Through the “I do practical things for the masses” activities to make the study of party history education to solve practical problems together, strengthen the party members and cadres of public servant awareness and feelings for the people, effectively solve some grass-roots difficulties and the masses of trouble, enhance the masses sense of gain, happiness, security.(2) Taking the “double reduction” initiative as an opportunity, we took the initiative to find problems in the implementation of policies and made changes as we went along.Around “ShuangJian”, “class service”, “five management”, “ten measures”, such as reform policies, called branch committee project research, insight into the educational research group to participate in the research advance of policies, carefully listen to opinions, parents lack of initiative to find the problems existing in the policy landing and connecting with the school actual check and change, further strengthen the education reform policy to the ground.Is highlighted by teachers in the conference, meeting, grade, subject leader will strengthen ethics such as strengthen construction, actively organize the party member teachers to participate in the “campus pioneer” speaking activities, the party member’s cutting edge exemplary role into full play, promoting teachers classroom teaching reform actively, improve efficiency, enhance the quality of teaching, make the party history study education activity go deep.