The role of medicine and Sophistry

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People take medicine when they get sick, and they experience the effects of medicine.If it works, keep taking it. If it doesn’t work, change it.In fact, there are some problems with the effect of drugs, not really effective.Doctors emphasize the effects of drugs, not the effects of exercise.Exercise seems to be the subject of health care, not medicine.If doctors in major hospitals teach their patients to exercise, won’t that reduce their chances of getting sick?How else do you make money?Many doctors just see a doctor of a certain disease, do not know the joint consultation, nor will the syndrome differentiation of treatment, will see the instrument diagnosis, will prescribe some western medicine can become a doctor.Usually, they don’t prescribe drugs privately, they ask the patient to diagnose them, and then they prescribe drugs based on the diagnosis.If a patient came to him directly, he wouldn’t be prescribing drugs directly.If it goes bad, who’s to blame?If they prescribe medicine and the patient doesn’t take it, it must be the patient’s fault, not the drug’s.So, when the patient comes to see the doctor again, the doctor will ask the patient to go through the diagnosis process again, let the medical device diagnose again, and then continue to prescribe drugs.It’s just that the diagnostic process is a lot of work and a lot of money.In the past, if you caught a cold, you would be fine if you took a few dollars’ worth of pills. Now, if you caught a cold, you would go to a big hospital for treatment and spend four or five hundred dollars.This is the reason why small clinics in rural areas and small clinics in communities are flourishing. They cost less and produce quick results. Of course, people go to small clinics to see a doctor.And the drugs were wrong, not that they didn’t work, but that they worked very well.Small clinics will secretly use antibiotics, people quickly, think it works, but after the body gets used to antibiotics, the next time you have the same disease, you have to use antibiotics, otherwise it is really not easy to get better.There is a problem of overtreatment in large hospitals, and there is also a problem of overtreatment in small clinics.Small clinics do not have so many medical instruments, will only let the patient to take medicine injection, infusion, can lose a day is good to lose seven or eight days, can lose seven or eight days, to lose more than ten days, of course, than in the big hospital to spend less, but still there is the problem of excessive medical treatment.People have nowhere else to go but at the mercy of small clinics.When the drug doesn’t work, people say the doctor or even the hospital didn’t work right away, but it didn’t work for a while, or it didn’t work with antibiotics.But people don’t care about that, they just approve of drugs that work right away.As the publicity deepens, people begin to realize the harm of antibiotics and of course pay attention to them.However, the high cost of medical treatment in big hospitals makes many people turn to small clinics for treatment.Financial basis is still the most important, the choice of what kind of medical treatment depends on the hand how much money.What kind of medicine to choose, also depends on the hand how much money.If the medicine uses no matter what, the doctor always emphasizes the patient’s disease is too heavy, prove quack doctor mistake person?Of course it is.The doctor who treats a particular disease knows that most drugs for that disease are prescribed according to the diagnosis. If many drugs are tried and do not work well, it is said that the patient’s disease is difficult to cure and the patient needs to pay high prices for imported drugs to work.If a patient buys imported medicine and does not work, the doctor suspects that the patient has a terminal disease that cannot be seen well.That is, it’s never the drug’s fault, it’s the patient’s fault.As if the leader said things, it is always the fault of subordinates, and the leader himself is never at fault.In other words, there is a serious information asymmetry between doctors and patients.The doctor knows about the disease, has studied the disease and the medicine, and the patient knows almost nothing about the disease and the medicine, and is deferential to the doctor, and believes in what the doctor says, and is deceived by the doctor and kept in the dark.Many people take the medicine prescribed by the doctor is not effective, find a doctor, the doctor asked them to check again, check after the drug exchange, exchange, it seems to be effective.But is there a medical problem with this process?Sure, doctors know what they’re prescribing and what they’re doing, so why hasn’t it worked?Of course, the doctor should emphasize that the patient’s body is not good, or the disease is too heavy, or “get rid of the disease, such as silk”, to a little bit of medicine, can not use tiger medicine.In fact, in accordance with the law of treatment at the same time, there are doctors prescribe drugs, or deliberately prescribe some drugs with no obvious effect, at the same time to induce patients to pay for the suspicion of examination.In other words, medical technology can make patients get better faster, but the reason why patients get better faster or stay in hospital for a long time is because they are “fleeced” by hospitals or doctors.Some drugs are not necessarily effective, especially health care drugs are basically psychological effects, and most of the big effect mixed with shady ingredients, so that people mistakenly think it is the role of medicine.Of course, medical standards still need to be improved.If the doctor complains the patient’s illness is too heavy, it can be argued from the opposite side that the doctor’s cognitive limit is limited, the medical technology is not high, the drug research and development is not behind, or there is a specific drug, but the doctor does not know it.Or, the doctor knows there is a cure, but he can’t touch it, and of course he can’t prescribe it.Double-blind drugs that work, it seems, are not necessarily magic bullets.People need to identify, but also from the role of drugs to view the technical level of doctors, as well as the progress of drug research and development, not just blame their own disease is too heavy, but should question the level of the entire medical system and the level of drug research and development, of course, including the ability and level of imported drugs.In the end, it is not that the disease is too difficult to cure, but that the quality of medical care is too poor, the “wool pulling” phenomenon is too serious, and the development and promotion of specific drugs is too low.TCM focuses on syndrome differentiation and treatment. Only the right medicine can be effective, but also the level of doctors and the role of drugs.