Max salary only?Ayton turns down 3-year extension offer, SUNS have no choice but to open 4-for-3 trade talks

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As long as you’re in the right position, I’ll make sure the ball gets to you first.In a previous interview with the media, the 36-year-old veteran Chris Paul uttered this classic quote.Throughout his career, Paul has never wanted to compete with anyone for the title, but in the eyes of many people, Paul is the NBA’s no. 1 point guard, and is a key factor in the SUNS ‘record this season.Paul is averaging 14.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, 10.1 assists and 1.9 steals per game. He is shooting 48.7% from the field and has a plus-6.4 percentage, ranking among the top 10 in assists, steals and plus-6.4.For SUNS coach Monty Williams, the chemistry behind Paul’s numbers can get better and role players can find their niche.Apart from crowder, Bridges, Payne, Johnson, the four core members of last season, this season just joined the SUNS McGee and Biyongbo, Paul only used half a season to help them become NBA quality inside.So far, McGee is averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds per game, compared to 11 points and 7 rebounds per game for Yongbo.Max salary only?Ayton turns down 3-year extension offer, SUNS have no choice but to open 4-for-3 trade talks.What started out as two of his own backups has evolved into an indispensable pair of helpers around Paul, and it’s hard to deny that McGee and Biyongbo are the only ones that are causing Ayton’s current embarrassment.On the extension issue in particular, it’s clear the SUNS aren’t willing to spend $172 million to keep Ayton, and several executives, including General Manager Jim Jones, don’t think ayton is worth a five-year supermax offer at this stage.According to SUNS reporter Duane Rankin, ayton hasn’t been able to satisfy his expectations, but the SUNS ‘desire to continue with him is strong enough that they recently offered him a new contract in order to complete an early extension.It is understood that the SUNS prepared for Ayton’s new contract for three years, the total amount of about $80 million, and the SUNS did so, in addition to the NBA market price, with Paul’s “retirement” time has a certain relationship, because it happens to be three years later, the 39-year-old Paul will retire.At that point, the SUNS, with plenty of cap space, can afford to offer ayton a bigger deal if he’s good enough to make the SUNS willing to pay a supermax.Unfortunately, ayton didn’t seem willing to wait that long, as NBA reporter Blake Murphy later reported that Ayton had officially turned down the SUNS ‘offer to extend his contract. The SUNS didn’t make a serious offer to the potential forward, who wanted a more lucrative contract.Does ayton have a chance of getting a $100 million contract similar to that of fellow rookie Trey Young?The answer is unequivocally yes.At least three teams — the Mavericks, Rockets and Raptors — are said to be willing to fill ayton’s stomach, even if the SUNS are willing to pay a premium.In addition, the indications are that edgerton blindly insist that Jones was shaken inside, in order to avoid to draw water, inside the sun was forced to start trading scheme of assessment has been received, in the above mentioned team, competitive bid the raptors lead temporarily, a about josiah kamm and edgerton 4 in 3 negotiations are ongoing, the specific chip,The SUNS offer Ayton + Saric + Smith + Shamet, and the Raptors offer Siakam +1 protected first round +1 second-round pick.Simple look at the sun choose to negotiate with the raptors traded motive, as is known to all, in the 2019 playoffs, three headed west Asia as the raptors kamm end to show his super ability, as long as there is Leonard around, lowry, the levels of the star, then josiah kamm can exist in both ends feels dye-in-the-wood, can also be understood as,Siakam is a good fit to play alongside Paul and Booker, which is a big reason the SUNS are pushing for a 4-for-3 option.In contrast, the raptors, with scottie – Barnes’s strong rise, technical characteristics has already set the west Asia kamm big probability becomes the victim of the reconstruction of the road, you know, ai and Barnes only 3 years old, the raptors have reason to take this for more potential is built outside threats combination, rather than with Asia kamm delay each other, although lose several draft picks, but had to admit,Ayton is a better partner for Barnes than Siakam.If the SUNS and Ayton are close to parting ways, as NBA reporters have suggested, is a 4-for-3 deal with the Raptors a viable option?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and thank you for reading and following.