Jinjiang, fujian’s richest county, has launched a three-year action plan for digital economy development

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On February 18, jinjiang, fujian’s “richest county”, held a conference to launch the three-year digital economy development and sign projects.Chen Qiaoling photo China New Network Jinjiang, Fujian February 18, “Cloud power, number of wisdom Jinjiang.”Jinjiang, a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese and the richest county in Fujian province, held a conference on The launch of three-year action and project signing for the development of digital economy on Monday, leading private enterprises to share the development opportunities of big data and create a “digital Jinjiang” that is always online in the tide of 5G era.At present, digital economy is becoming a key force to restructure global factor resources, reshape global economic structure and change global competition pattern.Zhang Wenxian, standing committee member of Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Jinjiang Municipal Committee, pointed out that vigorously promoting digital transformation is not only the landing point for Jinjiang to actively integrate into the national major strategic layout, but also the only way for industrial upgrading, which is a key move for enterprises to take the lead.”Digital is all around us.The data is invisible, but the benefits are real.”Zhang Wenxian said jinjiang is in a critical period of the transformation of old and new driving forces, promoting a new round of transformation and upgrading.In the new wind of digital economy, the shoe and clothing industry, textile industry, building materials industry, food industry and equipment manufacturing industry should make good use of data to speak and make good use of data, pay close attention to the cutting-edge trend of digital technology and digital economy, promote the transformation of the whole chain and all factors through digital transformation, and create new advantages of industrial development.Global Health service network – 5G Health industry industrial Internet digital enabling platform launch ceremony.As the breeding ground and practice ground of “Jinjiang experience”, Jinjiang has hundreds of billions of industrial chassis and more than 250,000 market subjects.In recent years, it has become the strategic choice of jinjiang’s new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution to drive digital industrialization with industrial digitization and accelerate the development of digital economy.At the meeting, Wang Mingyuan, deputy secretary of Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jinjiang Municipal Government, issued a three-year action for the development of digital economy in Jinjiang.It is reported, this action is aimed at helping the city’s manufacturing enterprise with intelligence research and development institutions, industry, Internet platform and its service depth and docking, creating more factories, industrial Internet applications, benchmarking 5 g wisdom through the university-enterprise cooperation “embedded” train number talents train, constantly optimize the ecological, economic development provides the omni-directional safeguard for figures,Promote jinjiang digital economy development into the fast lane.Up to now, Jinjiang has successively cultivated seven brand, Baihong, Xintai, Huayu and a number of 5G smart factory benchmark enterprises, 3 enterprises were selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, more than 1000 enterprises on the cloud platform, more than 60% of the industrial enterprises on the application of “CNC generation” intelligent equipment technology.In addition, Jinjiang has also introduced Huawei, SAP and other industrial Internet platforms, cultivating all things intelligent Internet of Things, Haina cloud services and other local third-party industrial Internet platforms, providing a strong platform support for enterprise intelligent, digital upgrade, successfully selected as the national Industrial Internet development top ten counties.On the same day, hengan, Panpan Food, 36 degrees, Zhongqiao Sports and other 8 enterprises signed industrial digital projects, Huawei ecological partner information service provider landing project, smart city project, “digital economy” education and training strategic cooperation. At the same time,Global health service network – 5G health industry industrial Internet digital empowerment platform, Huawei (Jinjiang) industrial Internet cloud incubation center training base, Huawei (Jinjiang) industrial Internet cloud incubation center and other unveiled or landing, enabling the digital development of Jinjiang.(Source: Chinanews.com reporter Sun Hong)