0 to 1 to 3 to 1!Chen Meng breathtaking reversal, beat Zhang Yining sister, 16 ushered in the civil war

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0 to 1 to 3 to 1!On March 14, Beijing time, the WTT Grand Slam in Singapore continued to compete, in the evening session of a women’s singles duel, Chen Meng and Zeng Jian met.Having failed to win a women’s singles title in more than half a year since her Olympic triumph, Chen is keen to start the year with a good result at the first Grand Slam of 2022.Her opponent, Zeng Jian, is also of Chinese descent. She used to play for The Beijing team and is zhang Yining’s junior sister. She has been climbing the world rankings in recent years and has beaten Japan’s Mimato ITO.The two met for the first time in the tournament.First set: Chen Meng serves first, zeng Jian takes the first point.Then zeng Jian return ball some risk high, Chen Meng decisive board, the score came to 1 level.Opening stage, two people play very good to pull, but are certain mistakes, two scores came to 3.Both men adapted in the opening, figuring out their opponent’s serve and overall play.Zeng served with a reverse spin, but Chen was ready and the two came to 4-all.Today, after the stalemate, Chen Meng always wanted to change the point, which caused her to deal with a little impatient, pointed 6-4 lead.For the first round of multi – shot processing, Chen Meng or some problems, or opponents found opportunities, zeng Jian 8-5 to maintain the lead.Then Chen Meng a board grab pull again error, Zeng Jian 9-6 lead.Chen took the initiative on her serve, but she made mistakes again and lost the first set 7-11 to take a 1-0 lead.This set Chen Meng entered the multi – clap stalemate slightly impatient, several times of the ball finally failed to grasp, light error this free opponent several points.Set 2: Zeng Jian serves first, zeng Jian returns the ball out of bounds, Chen Meng gets the first point.Today for many shots stalemate, Zeng Jian really prepared more adequate, but Chen Meng in the second game in the first three boards of the attack is very active, get 3-1 lead.Chen then used her own serve to successfully hit the long ball and the score came to 5-2.Zeng Jian serve for the defense, Chen Dream today really do good.The pair went into the extra set again and This time Chen took advantage to make it 7-2.The next several more clap stalemate, Chen Meng constantly mobilized zeng Jian began to run full court, the score came to 9-3.Chen meng serves another straight line, 10-3 to set point.With Zeng Jian’s return shot out of bounds, Chen Meng won 11-3 successfully, and the score came to 1 all.This bureau came to the middle and late, Chen Meng shot more stalemate gradually find the state, and the attack is very active.Set 3: Zeng Jian serves first, Chen Meng returns the ball directly out of bounds, Zeng Jian takes the first point.After ceng jian win pursuit, get 3-0 lead.However, Chen then adjusted in time, the backhand quality shot successfully helped her to level the score at 3.This bureau began two people is a succession of mistakes, two people came to 5 – level score.Chen then took advantage of her two serves to set the pace and take a 7-5 lead.Zeng Jian chooses the sideline pause.Play continues with Tseng Chien serving.Zeng served a suicide shot to give Chen an 8-5 lead.But then Chen meng returned a series of shots into the net, the score came to 8-7.Chen Meng chooses sideline pause.The match continues with Chen Meng serving.Chen Meng is determined to send after the straight line, the score came to 9-7.After zeng Jian is a mistake, Chen Meng 10-7 to get the game point.But the next two goals capped the pressure to make it 9-10.Chen again used her own serve to complete a straight line, 11-9 to win the third set, the big score to 2-1.Chen Meng is still very firm on his serve in these two games, especially after the first plate, achieved very good results.Fourth set: Chen Meng serves first, zeng Jian returns the ball out of bounds, Chen Meng gets the first point.Zeng Jian is very fierce in this game, the sudden long ball hit Chen Meng some not adapt, Zeng Jian 3-2 lead.Chen then faced Zeng’s serve poorly and zeng took a 5-3 lead.The two then fell into a stalemate, the score came to 6 – all.Chen Meng also found opportunities in his own serve, 8-6 to achieve the score in reverse.This time against Zeng Jian’s serve, Chen prepared well in advance, a straight line success helped her to match point.Zeng jian’s return shot went out of bounds, and Chen won another set 11-6, making it 3-1 to reach the round of 16.Chen Meng finally managed to beat Zeng Jian to reach the round of 16.In the round of 16, she will face a Chinese ping civil war against her national teammate He Zhuojia. He Zhuojia is in good condition in the matches these two days, but also successfully completed the reversal when she fell behind by a big score in the single game. This Chinese ping civil war will be very exciting.