Why did an 84-year-old woman cry bitterly after jumping into a river and saving her neighbor’s three-year-old child?

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An 84-year-old woman jumped into the icy river in the cold winter and saved a three-year-old boy, but afterwards, the old woman was so sad that she cried……This is not a story, but a real event, it happened in Jiangyin Lane, the water to save the old lady named Chen Xingmei, her story was spread for a while, Chen Xingmei also won the title of “Chinese good man”.But if she had succeeded in saving the child, why did she shed tears?Say people’s story, taste all kinds of life, this child tooth tong qu let’s people take you to visit such an ordinary and extremely unusual hero old man.Chen Xingmei was born in 1937. She lives in Ligang Street, Jiangyin City.Her village is not big. With the change of times, many young people have moved out, and the rest are some old people left behind.Chen xingmei has lived here all her life, living a simple and peaceful life.She usually does some farm work in the fields and feeds the chickens. The work of a lifetime has given her the habit of getting up early, even as she gets older.Every morning at 7:30 a.m., Chen xingmi would go out to fetch water from a lake behind her house and then feed the chickens.The old man’s life was lonely, but things seemed a little different when a sichuan family moved in next door.Because this family surnamed Chen family has a three-year-old child, all day running around, very naughty.With the children’s songs and laughter, also brought a lot of anger to the quiet village, Chen Xingmei can often see the child’s mother carrying a basket to the lake to wash clothes.Because of her height, she was called “Big Man” in the village, and from time to time the family became familiar with the people in the village.December 2020 is the coldest time of the year, and the morning is also the coldest time of the day. On the morning of December 3, Chen Xingmei, 84, went to the river to fetch water with a bucket as usual.On the other side of the river she saw something red floating on the surface of the water. When she looked closely, she saw that it was a boy in red struggling in the water. It was none other than the boy from Master Chen’s family.By this time the boy had swallowed a lot of water and looked as if he would soon sink.Chen Xingmei immediately panic, also can not care about the hands of the bucket, while Shouting, while desperately ran to the other side of the river.To the river, it was found that there was no one around, this time to go back to call people to save apparently too late.Chen Xingmei thinking of human life, what also can not care, suddenly jumped into the cold river to get the child.But the cold and the long run made the old woman tremble and stiff as soon as she got into the water. She steadied herself in the water and paddled with all her hands and feet, but the child was not far from the shore.With Chen Xingmei stroke of the water, slowly floated to the shore, Chen Xingmei exhausted the strength of the whole body, a child dragged from the water to his side, and then dragged ashore.When she had done this, she felt as if all her strength had been drained from her, and her body trembled gently.The old man had to crawl and drag the child home.Later, or the child’s grandmother heard Chen Xingmei’s cry for help, it hurriedly ran out from home, from The hands of Chen Xingmei took the wet child, the child to slow down.The child’s grandmother is dumb, can not speak, can only keep playing sign language to Chen Xingmei, ask her if she has seen the child’s mother, this time, Chen Xingmei realized that it is likely that the child’s mother also fell into the river.At this time, the same village ju Jianxin heard the noise rushed over, heard that the child’s mother was missing, hurriedly returned to the lake to find.Chen Xingmei saw such a situation, regardless of rest, and immediately began to look for the whereabouts of the child’s mother.When the mother was found, she had stopped breathing because she had been in the water for so long.Originally, the child’s mother took the child to the lake early in the morning to wash clothes, in the process of washing clothes, the child’s mother suddenly fell ill and plunged into the water.And the baby fell with him.Chen Xingmei see such a scene, remorse, she blamed herself not found earlier, otherwise she saved a more, also won’t let such a small child lost his mother.At such an old age, she was able to dive into the icy water to save people without any hesitation. She had done her best.Because of the cold in the water, Chen Xingmei fell ill after going back, suffering from acute bronchitis, cough, family sent her to the hospital after hanging water for two days to improve.Family members also said that they were very shocked and worried when they heard the news of the old man saving people in the river, because the river is very dangerous, the river is very deep, and the silt inside is easy to sink in, let alone in the village during the day there are only a few old people left behind.There was no help at all, and if the old man had slipped when he was saving his life, the consequences would have been unimaginable.Recall what happened that day, Chen Xingmei still feel afraid.At that time, there was no one at the lake. Fortunately, she was used to fetching water every day, otherwise she would not have the opportunity to save people.But at the same time she was annoyed that if she had gone earlier, the tragedy might not have happened.However, for their own water to save things, Chen Xingmei did not feel a trace of regret.Eighty-four-year-old Chen Xingmei in the eyes of the village, has always been a helpful person, who if life is difficult, she always want to send some of their own kind of food, as long as she can help things, she always will not refuse.After the old man saved the story spread, the city women’s federation and street leaders rushed to the old woman to express deep sympathy and gratitude.Eighty-four years old, in such a cold weather, she did what many young people can not do, let people admire.In January 2021, Alibaba launched the selection of positive people in 2020, and 82 positive people from all over the country participated in the selection.Previously, they were selected from 1,000 acts of human kindness recommended by netizens across the country and local media.After hundreds of thousands of netizens and judges voted for the “top 10 Positive moments of 2020” and “Top 10 Positive Stories of 2020”, Chen Xingmei was chosen as the “Positive Person of 2020”.On January 12, 2021, “love” volunteer service team specially for Chen Xingmei old man visiting the old man from the store to buy hearing AIDS, and fellow volunteers also bought milk flowers and fruits, you have said to grandma’s heroic spirit, studying hard for social public welfare undertakings, will be the spirit of the old man go down.Port experimental primary school teacher Guo Zhengnan also in spare time to visit Chen Xingmei old people, she said to tell the story of the old people to the students, they also want to participate in volunteer activities, do some good things, to help more people.The community also organized special staff held a symposium, called on everyone to learn from the elderly.”We didn’t know anything about it when the father came to issue the mother’s death certificate,” a staff member said.Later, when I read the report, I realized that it was an 80-year-old man who saved the lives of the elderly. This incident has changed our view of the elderly. Even the elderly can be heroes.The old man’s family was also very excited.Chen xingmei’s 81-year-old sister said she should learn from her sister and do her best to contribute light and heat to the society.Chen Xingmei uses her personal story to infect and influence more people to be a carrier of love.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better articles.