There is another reason behind the US embassy closure. If Ukraine is in chaos before the war, Europe will be doomed

2022-05-03 0 By

Ukraine, led by the “comedian” President Volodymyr Zelensky, is sliding inexorably towards war.On February 14 local time, US Secretary of State Blinken announced the closure of the US Embassy in Kiev, citing an “accelerated build-up of Russian troops”, which was seen by the international community as a sign of worsening tensions in Ukraine.Ukraine’s big capitalists and oligarchs, meanwhile, have moved more quickly, with more than 20 charter flights flying out of Kiev on February 13th alone.Even Mr. Zelensky’s statements that the situation in Ukraine was “manageable” and that Ukraine’s oligarchs should return home to work together to deal with the crisis had clearly lost credibility.And it is not just Ukrainian capitalists who are fleeing the country, but European capital markets as a whole are convulsed.European stock markets tumbled and capital poured into U.S. Treasury bonds after the news.The United States is clearly happy with the turmoil in Ukraine, and can continue to wield its sickle in Europe’s capital markets as long as the panic persists.Nor is it wrong to sum up the current situation with Europe in turmoil and America in full.And the United States has done everything it can to keep the unrest going.Including the promise not to use troops in the Conflict with Ukraine, trumpeting a Russian attack in the near future and so on are all in the service of creating tension.But Russia does not seem to have taken the bait. Instead of launching any offensive, it has repeatedly stressed that Russia has no intention of attacking Ukraine in order to reassure the public.This is clearly not the scenario the United States wants.In its current state, Russia is unlikely to fire the first shot, so the United States has turned to Ukraine.The Ukrainian government is on the verge of paralysis. The Ukrainian military has even begun to receive independent military aid from foreign countries, and stable relations between the military and the government have all but disappeared.Ukraine’s troops on the front line are now faced with two choices: they can either face the death of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops;Or return to Ukraine to “rebuild” the Ukrainian government.A normal person would choose the second option, which is exactly what Biden wants.If these Ukrainian front-line troops were to return to Kiev, there would be chaos along the way, and Zelensky would not be left to die, turning the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine into an internal conflict.The war will also create a large number of Ukrainian refugees, and the influx of these refugees into Europe will certainly have a new impact on the entire European society.When Europe was in turmoil, with interest rate hikes, the U.S. capital markets were able to absorb a large amount of Money from Europe in a matter of time, thus completing the feat of reaping the Leeks in the European market.In order to guard the important checkpoint for refugees to Europe, the United States also completed the layout early, which is also a good explanation for the move of the United States to send 4,700 troops to Eastern Europe in two batches. After all, according to common sense, if you want to confront Russia, the reinforcement of 4,700 American troops is not enough for the Russian army.But 4,700 men would be more than enough to guard Ukraine’s checkpoints to the Heart of Europe.In addition, if Ukraine implodes, as the United States plans to do, the United States could simply pin the blame on Russia, which would clear the way for subsequent American sanctions against Russia and, in particular, the weakening of Europe through Nord Stream 2.With everything now set in America’s direction, it won’t take long for Mr Biden to pull off his European trick.