Spring Festival I work | Yanji anti-fraud police Spring Festival, guarding people’s “money bags”

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Hello, is this Li’s mother?Your daughter is currently being defrauded by fraudsters posing as public security officers on the phone. Her number went unanswered. Can you get in touch with her immediately?”At 13:09 on February 1, Yanji city public Security Bureau anti-fraud police Huang Xu through the national anti-fraud center APP management background found that Yanji citizens Ms. Li is being carried out fraud by criminals, immediately notify Ms. Li’s mother.At 14:30, Ms. Li took the initiative to contact Huang Xu, and detailed about their cheating, “Big New Year’s day, I did not think they are a liar ah!Fortunately, you let my mother contact me in time, or I will be cheated more than 10 million!”Ms. Li told Huang Xu excitedly on the phone.Before receiving a phone call from her mother, she had already started an investigation into money laundering through a video chat with the swindler, downloaded an APP recommended by the swindler, and was preparing for the next step by tying her bank card.”In the past, fraudsters used to ‘rush’ to cheat people before various festivals, but now they are ‘all year round’, so we must always be vigilant to protect people and prevent them from being cheated.”Huang Xu said, a few years ago, the high incidence of fraud posing as public security law since this year zero cases, is because the anti-fraud police through the national anti-fraud center APP management background timely warning results.Huang Xu, an anti-fraud police officer, has been on duty every Spring Festival since 2017, when he took charge of the management of the anti-fraud platform and the investigation of cases.This year, he was on duty on the first day of the Chinese New Year. From 8:00 to 12:00, he and other police officers were on armed patrol in Baili City. After the patrol, he returned to the team to carry out anti-fraud work.As the rest time was too short, Huang xu could only soak a bowl of instant noodles to appease his hunger, but before eating a few mouthpieces, he found that Ms. Li received at 12 o ‘clock at the APP management background of the National Anti-fraud Center posing as a public security law enforcement personnel fraud phone.After putting down the bowl, Huang immediately called Li’s phone, but no one answered, so he immediately contacted Li’s mother and finally succeeded in preventing the fraud.Anti-fraud police in less than 3 hours, through the national anti-fraud center APP management background to check more than 10 fraud information and all through the phone to remind the parties not to be fooled, and successfully dissuaded a fraud posing as public security law.Anti-fraud police Huang Xu said that as a people’s police, especially the anti-fraud police, the most unacceptable thing is to see people’s hard-earned money being cheated by fraudsters.”People have worked hard for a long time to save some money, but it only takes a few seconds to be cheated. Every time I receive a report, I feel very uncomfortable. I both feel sorry for the people and hate the fraudsters.”Huang xu said that the Spring Festival overtime doesn’t matter, as long as it can save the people’s hard-earned money, it is worth it.