Snow accident luliang public security traffic police quickly solve the case warm people

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On February 17, 2022, a group of “uninvited visitors” came to the propaganda section of traffic Police Detachment of Luliang Municipal Public Security Bureau……”We are to send the banner, we would like to thank the accident brigade Yan Jiping and other police for our quick case, we will send the banner to your propaganda section, you must give a good publicity…….”Things happened in the evening of February 7, the woman’s husband was knocked down by a car, head injury, accident vehicle escape, fortunately, passers-by found the injured…..It was snowing that night, and if no one had found him, he would have been frozen to death……The woman said, choked with tears, thanks to the traffic police comrades quick case……Propaganda division police quickly contacted the police handling the case, to understand the situation……Case process: on February 7, 2022, 00, when 22 luliang city public security bureau traffic police brigade received Gao Xiaobing family event alarm, said lishi district township ZaoLin knotting Gao Xiaobing in village roads were injured after a small car collision, the head is bleeding wound not to wake the disease is severe, collision Gao Xiaobing car has fled the scene, Gao Xiaobing is being held on the way to hospital.After the accident brigade received police, in the evening to the knot yan incident scene to understand the situation.At the scene of the incident, the nearby civilian surveillance found that a minivan collided with Gao Xiaobing and drove away from the scene, but because it was dark, the number plate of the vehicle could not be seen.The night of the police to prepare for the luliang city people’s hospital to understand gao Xiaobing’s injuries, Gao Xiaobing dizzy do not wake up, in the rescue treatment.In the morning of February 8, the police of the accident brigade went to the detachment to collect the video surveillance of the public security, but there was no checkpoint on the road. In the afternoon, they went to the site of the jierope Yan accident to reinspect the scene, look for witnesses, and collect evidence of the civil video of the accident site and along the way, but they could not see the number plate of the vehicle clearly because of darkness.And contact Gao Xiaobing family learned that Gao Xiaobing intracranial hemorrhage, life-threatening.On February 9, a large group of police went to Zaolin expressway to take down the high-speed video, bayonet, but did not find similar vehicles.We went to Zaolin to get the video and bayonet of Liulin in the direction of Jiesunyan, but because the card mainly took pictures of vehicles driving in the direction of Liulin, no similar vehicles were found. We also went to Liangjiacha and collected the video along the way, and found that there was a video surveillance leading to Liulin and Linxian not far from the scene.And timely contact gao xiaobing’s family, know that Gao Xiaobing has been out of danger, but still in the rescue.On February 10, the police went to liurin County Traffic police brigade to retrieve rongxi Kaokou and the video, which was very close to the incident, and to Linxian County to retrieve miaoyan’s video, in which they found the suspected vehicle, but due to the late time of 23:00 that night, they failed to find the vehicle in time.On February 11, through the row query found a Jin AD**6S jinlong brand light closed truck and the vehicle at the time of the incident is very similar, that day we contacted the owner Liu * hai, the Liu said his car was in the same village Li * Dong borrowed on February 6, specific do not know the situation on February 7.Us through the contact liu li * east to borrow the car, and in the evening to Lin County qikou town with liu * * home XiangYang Village sea sea liu and li * understand the relevant situation, east east in asked lee * says February 7 in knotting village seemed to touch something, thought it was a telephone pole, when the car broke right front headlamps and mirrors are also touched.But he walked a little further and then returned to the scene but saw nothing, drove off, didn’t call the police.The damaged lamp and mirror were repaired on February 9.Accident brigade has jin AD**6S jinlong brand light closed truck detained.A flag a recognition, each flag has a story behind;Each story is full of a deep feeling;Each section of affection represents the support and recognition of the people.Although the flag is small, the friendship is priceless, the few words on the flag write the seemingly ordinary but warm story behind the flag, the flag story carries honor, but also full of responsibility, it conveys gratitude, but also into the expectation!Drip for the people warm people, the key moment show the truth.Luliang public security traffic police in the ordinary post for the masses to solve problems.A brocade flag, a heartfelt thanks, not only is the affirmation and support of luliang traffic management work, but also highlights the thick “police and people fish and water situation”.Source: Luliang traffic police