Shandong ice and snow athletes first stage in the Winter Olympics!Li Wenlong takes part in short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Qilu network · Lightning news, February 5 – Shandong TV sports channel news, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the night of the first day of short track speed skating competition, Li Wenlong from Shandong province in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating qualification race, the first time in the history of shandong ice and snow athletes appear on the big stage of the Winter Olympics.Lee Moon-yong competed in the men’s 1,000m qualification group 5 at the short-track speed skating stadium on Sunday night, alongside World record holder Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea.In the competition, li Wenlong, who started from the outermost road, won the third place in the group.According to the rules, in addition to the top two, the remaining four fastest third-place finishers advance.Li wenlong was one of the four fastest third-place finishers in the heats and therefore also qualified for the next round.Born in 2001, Li wenlong joined the Qingdao short track speed skating team at the age of 11. Under the guidance of short track speed skating coaches Yang Zhanyu and Liu Xiaoying, li specializes in men’s middle and long distance events.Li Wenlong practiced solid basic skills in the team, and step by step toward his dream slide into.In 2017, Li wenlong was selected to the national short-track speed skating team for the first time.Li Wenlong finished second in the men’s 5,000m relay at the 2018-2019 Short track Speed Skating World Cup in Salt Lake City.In 2019, Li wenlong and his teammates helped China win the men’s 3,000m relay final at the ISU Short track Speed Skating World Youth Championships, breaking the world youth record.In addition, he won the men’s 1500m event at the 2019 National Short track Speed Skating Championship and the men’s 1500m event at the 2020-2021 National Short track Speed Skating Championship.As the first shandong athlete, Li Wenlong was selected for the Chinese speed skating team to compete in this Winter Olympic Games.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, shandong a total of five athletes officially selected China winter Olympic delegation, they are: men’s short track speed skating project Li Wenlong;MAO Bingqiang in men’s halfpipe freestyle skiing;Li Fanghui in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing;Hades Badrihan in men’s cross-country skiing and Tan Yinghui in women’s bobsled.In addition, Shandong short track speed skater An Kai is currently in training as a reserve athlete.