“LPL Zoo ranking map” fire, TES into a dog, RNG panda the most image

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Foreword: speed 12 season has officially started, believe that the vast majority of players are focused on the recent spring for a period of time, years ago after a fight, every war team entered a period of time in the offseason, this several days, netizens also made all sorts of funny chart to ridicule, spring this year.Recently, a zoo ranking chart is also popular, Edg team and LNG team because of their outstanding performance, directly become the combination of tiger and lion, and RNG team is the panda, this evaluation should be the most pertinent, after all, from the current overall heat, RNG team is the highest concern, these years,The whole Chinese class of marketing is very successful, Tes team has fallen to the last puppy class.LPL zoo ranking chart fire believe that the vast majority of players have paid attention to the recent period of competition, LPL division has entered a period of off-season, the overall status of the major teams is also up and down.To tell the truth, a lot of people for the war have a new attitude, after all, after the start of the game, team has appeared more substantial fluctuations, this two days, also have a net friend made a ranking of LPL zoo figure, with some fierce animals to evaluate the whole situation of the present war team, first of all, the first one is the edg team,Straight to the tiger.This year itself is the year of the tiger, to the EDG team, tiger is absolutely the most respected ranking, now they are both results and state, LPL division is stable.Then the LNG team, who won five consecutive games in a row a year ago, ranked them in the lion’s position. Indeed, many players thought that the PERFORMANCE of LNG team would not be particularly good, but the new players have a high degree of run-in, Tarzan and Doinb’s cooperation has become more and more excellent.Then we are very familiar with the RNG team, directly to the panda ranking.This is also very relevant, Rng team in the transfer period was called by the players to the true full Chinese class, the current match also got a record of five wins and one loss, facing a number of top strong teams, have played a very good operation, especially the last game before the year, easily crushed BLG team.I guess it also has another meaning, as long as RNG team on the field, will be the focus of attention.Then there are three teams, namely BLG, V5 and WBG.Current status of the team is also good, although the defeat in the game years ago appeared problem, but the whole team cooperation is very good, especially w bg team, theshy and sofm cooperation has become more and more skilled, both of them are inventor level of player, after meet, sparks of the very much.Blg team, not to mention, has formed a top all-Chinese class, although Uzi has not yet played, but the whole rhythm has been fully played.And then Tibetan Mastiff, we saw FP X, JDG, OMG and UP.In my opinion, FP X team is fully capable of ranking at the next level, although they have lost some matches during this period, LWX’s overall condition and rhythm is very stable.Finally is the dog team, the first is we are very familiar with tes team, indeed, from their current state and rhythm, it is really difficult to get the LPL division of the ranking, if the game after the year is not adjusted, maybe even the LPL playoffs can not go.To tell the truth, I feel the most vivid ranking should be RNG team directly to the giant panda, may not be the strongest strength, but their ability to attract people is definitely the most severe.In the past few years, RNG’s marketing has done a great job, which has helped the team gain a large number of Chinese fans, even though the key player Uzi joined BLG.Their heat has not decreased much.What do you guys think about this?