Focus on the revival of the TWO sessions | District CPPCC eighth session of the second session of the organizing committee members focused on watching Wolf Warrior 2

2022-05-03 0 By

On the evening of January 26, the committee members watched the movie Wolf Warrior 2 in the station. Wolf Warrior 2 is full of patriotism and internationalism.The protagonist dare for them, good RACES and justice, are not subject to limitations of broad mind, reveals the contemporary Chinese soldiers high sense of mission and the death of the great spirit, reveals the power of the Chinese nation, the film at the end of the lens frames in China passport, slowly emerge “citizens of the People’s Republic of China: when you are overseas crisis, don’t give up!Please remember, behind you, there is a strong motherland!”This scene kindled a strong sense of national honor and pride among all the members, prompting them to devote themselves to the work of the Congress with greater political enthusiasm and good spirit.After watching the film, the committee members were deeply encouraged and said that they would conscientiously perform their duties as committee members, take on the glorious mission entrusted to them, combine their own work reality, focus on the theme of “tackling difficulties and implementing”, make suggestions and suggestions for the construction of a modern ecological new city, faithfully perform their duties, live up to the history, The Times and the people.