A 5-a-side artificial turf pitch

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Artificial turf 5-a-side Football pitch Standard 5-a-side football pitch Size the playing field must be rectangular and the sideline must be longer than the length of the goal line.The competition area is 25-42m in length and 15-25m in width. The international competition area is 38-42m in length and 18-22m in width.2 Boundary The competition area shall be delimited and the width of the field line shall not exceed 8cm.Boundaries are divided into sideline, goal line, center line, center circle line, penalty area line, substitution area line.The two short lines connecting the goal are called goal lines, and the two long lines connecting the goal lines are called sideline.In the middle of the court, there is a line across the court called the center line. With the center line as the center of the circle and a radius of 3m, a circle is drawn called the center circle.Service area Take a midpoint on the goal line between the two goal posts, and take this midpoint as the center of the circle, draw an arc to the field with a radius of 6 meters to connect with the goal line on both sides of the goal post, the area between these two arcs and a straight line and the goal line is called penalty area.If the width of the course is over 25 meters, the radius can be 7 meters, and the radius is 5 meters for the width of 15-20 meters.The goal is set in the middle of the two goal lines.It consists of two upright doorposts 3 meters apart from the inside and a horizontal beam 2 meters above the ground.The width of the doorpost and crossbeam is 8 cm, the width of the doorpost and crossbeam is equal.There is a net hanging behind the goal. There should be a certain space between the net and the goal post and crossbeam, so as not to affect the activities of the goalkeeper and facilitate the observation of the ball entering the goal as the principle.The goal can be fixed or moved.No.5 Penalty point Take a midpoint of the goal line between the two goal posts, and mark the point where a vertical line intersects the arc of the penalty area, and call it the penalty point;.NO. 6 to replace area substitutions are set on the side edge of the field will be subject to the midline to 3 meters on both sides is perpendicular to the touchline each draw a line length 80 cm, 40 cm approach within, 40 cm in otc, is replacing the athletes play area NO. 7 lights at night, 1.5 metres on the border line, set up the light pole pitch 3-4 pole,The height of each bar is more than 6 meters;NO.8 Block court around the ball line, 1.5 meters outside the sideline set up a bar to hang block, the height of more than 6 meters NO.Seating If seats (or fixed seats) are set on the sideline of the stadium, it shall be 1.5 meters away from the sideline of the artificial lawn of the five-a-side football field.★ Slope: central site 3‰ – 4‰, turtle back drainage design.Bend 8‰, straight 5‰, semicircle area 5‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.★ Strength and stability: the surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no rotten edges, the joints are straight and smooth, 6000mm×6000mm or so cut pieces is the best.The cushion is compacted, and the compactness is greater than 95%. There are no significant wheel traces, loose floating soil, waves and other phenomena after the compaction of medium grinding machine.★ Waterproof layer: the use of new PVC thickened waterproof film, lap joint should be greater than 200mm, edge allowance is greater than 150mm.★ Maintenance period: basic maintenance period is 21 days.★ Positioning: in order to accurately construct and draw lines, firm and distinct markers should be used to mark all lines of the site.2, asphalt concrete foundation ★ slope: plastic runway drainage is from the outside, straight five thousand, bend eight thousand, the surface should be smooth, ensure drainage.★ Flatness: artificial turf has high requirements on the flatness of the foundation surface. It is necessary to keep the thickness of artificial turf surface consistent. The qualified rate of flatness is above 95%, and the error of 3 meters ruler is 1cm.★ hardness: cement strength C25 or more, the foundation should have a certain strength and stability.The surface is uniform and strong, without cracks, and the joints are straight and smooth.Pad compaction, compactness is greater than 95%, medium roller after pressing, no significant wheel trace, no loose floating soil phenomenon.Basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.★ Drainage: in the ordinary stadium or school playground actually choose the tortoise-back structure of the drainage structure.