Resident Evil isn’t the only game adaptation of dirt, but this comedy is worth watching

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Resident Evil: The New Resident Evil: The New Resident Evil: The New Resident EvilAlso based on the original game as the background, tells the story of raccoon City in the waste land, which can not help but remind xiaobian of a domestic survival mobile game “After Tomorrow” with the waste land world as the background.Coincidentally, “After Tomorrow” actually filmed a dirt road movie, “Lost in Dirt.”By CSGO eggplant, especially elder brother – evergreen mak, gluten, tan Sir, Mr. Wang and small maomao B station ghost livestock all-star, “stopping way wasteland” tells the story in the wasteland world festival approaching, being god “wastes” extraordinary elder brother and his son “sharpshooter” eggplant to temporarily don’t years of wandering life, happy together to the 101 New Year’s day in the city.During the journey, I met gluten brother, who played the role of “Waste soil Song Ji”, and master Wang, who was known as “handed an axe to Pangu” in the black market.All kinds of famous scenes and classic network famous sentences are performed again, so that the small series watching the film, in the tense atmosphere of the waste earth world made nervous at the same time can not help but laugh.Until the elder brother in the black market exposure identity particularly, taking the eggplant fled helter-skelter, small make up only to find that, the original special elder brother was homeless for years, from his youthful hesitant committed fault, the mistake let survivors camp nearly collapse, especially elder brother also feel oneself live up to his comrades and camp survivor, so choose to bring son anonymity began a vagabond life.In the end of the film, the extraordinary brother completed the self redemption, put down the knot, and once the old captain Tan Sir, returned to a happy 101 city, in the sky of the signal flares fireworks and everyone together to live a happy New Year.Believe everybody sees, also to this waste soil edition “the person is in lost journey” was full of curiosity, the person such as special elder brother is in black market “buy goods for the New Year”, the plot such as tide of sweeping monster, especially signal flares fireworks lets a person be eager to try, and all these can be in “after tomorrow” in newest version experience.Players can team up in the game, work together to go home, experience a “lost road of waste land”.Players in the survivor camp are not idle, “do Spring Festival shopping”, “cleaning”, for the survivors on the way home to clean up all kinds of monsters.On the occasion of the festival, people can send signal flares and fireworks to celebrate the festival. Under the light of signal flares, they can watch movies in the old drive-in theater and relax their nerves in the wasteland.Come to “After Tomorrow” and experience all kinds of wonderful stories in the waste land world, experience the waste land style New Year celebration ceremony, spend a happy holiday ~