New Year’s Day lost more than 6000 yuan New Year gift bus people returned in time

2022-05-02 0 By

“This is a New Year gift from my family, worth more than 6,000 yuan, thanks to you.”At 16:45 on February 1, the owner, Ms. Hu, came to the dispatching room of zhouwan Highway Station, 383 Road, and thanked the line staff repeatedly when she got her phone back.At 14 o ‘clock that afternoon, Ms. Hu in fangcao Road South pearl station to take 383 road bus to the dragon Pearl road century dragon City service, when the station accidentally lost the mobile phone in the car, arrived at the service point to find that the mobile phone disappeared.”The Huawei phone is worth more than 6,000 yuan and my family gave it to me as a New Year gift.”Ms. Hu said anxiously.Found that the phone disappeared, Ms. Hu hurried to get off the station to take a rear 383 road bus came to Hanyang Avenue Zhou Bay bus station dispatcher for help, after some verification, finally returned to the original owner.Originally, liu Jun of 383 road driver returns field station when checking to vehicle routine, discover the mobile phone that Madam Hu loses in the car.