Jieyang: Hao Heng couple each red envelope 8000 yuan, nearly 10 children queued up to get, net friend: bad taste

2022-05-02 0 By

Every year to the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to give children lucky money, different local customs are different, therefore, the amount of red packets is not the same.But according to the living standard of the people now, it is generally hundreds of thousands of New Year’s money, and more, may not be ordinary people.One elderly couple in Guangdong province, for example, went so far as to pay 8,000 yuan for each red envelope, with more than a dozen children lining up to receive it.So, what’s going on here?What did the old couple think?What do netizens think of this?An elderly couple in Puning city, Jieyang, Guangdong province, prepared more than 100,000 yuan for red envelopes during the Spring Festival.At that time, a man surnamed Chen recorded the whole process of handing out red envelopes on video. He saw several bundles of 100 yuan cash neatly placed on the table.It is reported that each bundle of 100 yuan cash is 8000 yuan, the old couple have many children and many blessings, so the younger generation of children are especially many, and the old couple love their children, so they prepared so many red envelopes during the Spring Festival.In the video, a girl is paying New Year’s greetings to an elderly couple, and her grandfather hands the girl a bundle of 100 yuan notes.And behind the little girl, there were nearly ten children in line to get a red envelope, good guy, this year down, no one hundred thousand dollars can not fight.The man who shot the video, Surnamed Chen, later said he was also the grandson of the elderly couple, and that there were three children of his own as well as those of relatives in line to receive the money.This big family is big, four generations live together, Mr. Chen himself also runs a gauze shop, the local economic conditions are relatively good.Of course, it is not common for local children to get 8000 yuan in red envelopes. More families get hundreds of yuan in red envelopes. Only when families are in good condition can they get tens of thousands of yuan in red envelopes.Thus, this big family in the local conditions is very good, therefore, also caused a lot of netizens envy.For example, some netizens said, “Would like to ask, grandparents still lack younger generation?””, “Just like before the Chinese New Year, the construction site to hand out money”, “money is outside the body, so enlightened old people”.But for the netizens concerned about the problem, such as whether lack of younger generation, I think the probability of lack, but only lack of their own family of younger generation.In my impression, such industrial families, though they have big families, live a frugal life and both earn and save their money.As for the netizen’s saying that “money is something else”, I mean, when the wealth has accumulated to a certain extent, the eight-thousand-yuan red envelope in the old man’s hand should be about the same as the eighty yuan red envelope in our hand. So, would it hurt if you gave eighty yuan red envelope?, of course, the Internet also has some not harmonious sound, don’t think so send a red envelope is in order, some netizens said: “interest is money is a luck, 5 block 10 block is ok, it is not necessary to like annual bonus award”, “guangdong started gone bad money”, “the mood is bad,” “the children to school and comparing the”, etc.However, in the final analysis, how many red envelopes are given depends entirely on the individual’s mind and ability. We outsiders have no right to restrain them, but Posting them on the Internet can easily cause trouble.Including the netizens said that such a big red envelope, whether it will cause a bad social atmosphere, and whether it will cause children to compare, are factors we need to consider.Therefore, I still that point of view, how much red envelope is personal will, other people do not have to intervene, but if the amount of money exceeds the ability to pay most people, or do not send to the network for the best, after all, “wealth does not show”, but also affect the social ethos!What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a comment!