This winter is more charming

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Hello, I am Jun jun.Recently, we will share essays for the high school entrance examination.Welcome to pay attention!This winter, is really a different winter ah!The holding of the Winter Olympics, the implementation of double reduction…And a man as tall as us!Heh heh, more charming than this winter.Don’t you think so?Or, the winter itself is beautiful!Do you find beauty?Please write an essay of no less than 600 words on the topic “This winter is more attractive”.Writing instructions to write this article is not an easy thing!This winter is more charming, and we’re going to read about it.First of all, this winter, don’t write that winter.Pay attention to the time, but also pay attention to their hands of the pen, do not write a typo oh!More attractive, the word “more” is a word of progressive relationship.So, it needs to be more “glamorous,” which means a bit of contrast.As for the “charm” in where, is the central idea of the article, every child has their own thinking.If you want to stand out in front of so many essays, you need something new!Bone-chilling wind without any respect to blow away the joy of people’s harvest, goose snow covered all noise, but also covered the sunny mood.(回 归 课 本 P31) Winter is the most beautiful winter in the world.In the cold wind, the topic of “hate winter” spread throughout the city with the wind as the carrier, and also spread to the ears of winter himself, but winter was not sad, she was still so calm, so natural, she knew that time went by, her child, Spring, would soon go home.(Comment: The benefits of winter.)The winter in the story is like the backstage workers in real life, or the “villains” on the stage. They are willing to suffer and bear hardships. As long as the performance goes well, they think the sweat is dew.No matter how much directors vilify the villains, they feel it is their responsibility to succeed in contrasting them with the good ones.After the scene, people often remember which actor performed well on the stage, but who can tell the name of the chief planner of this party;At the end of the movie, people are talking about the moving scene of the hero saving the United States, but who will care about the “bad guy” for filming “beat” several injuries.(Comment: no longer write winter, but write winter people, deep.)Admittedly, the party’s watch is really the star’s performance, the selling point of the movie is really in the hero’s heroic appearance, can read, laugh, don’t forget to take the cast and crew behind the scenes, just so, those “winter” people will be very touched.If winter comes, can spring be far behind?The philosophy of the simple phrase has inspired generations, but it feels a bit unfair to winter. It seems to urge you to endure for two more days.Think spring, this damn winter is not so hard!But did you know that without snow to keep the ground warm, spring planting would be smooth?Will the soil be wet in spring without the winter freeze?No winter hone, spring girl’s footsteps will be so healthy and firm?It is true that winter is the mother of spring.So, I want to pirate Shelley his old man’s words: without the arrival of winter, there is no beautiful spring approaching.Winter is a great mother.Spring is gorgeous, summer is really enthusiastic, autumn is really plump, most people imagine them to be the same, pure, sunshine, sedate.But I like winter however, be not I pretend to be additional kind, be not pretend to be individual character, I really love winter that calm, that selfless, that tolerance.By my personality orientation, I will probably be a behind-the-scenes, silently dedicated to the kind of career, I like it, like I like winter.I will try my best, although I am not beautiful;I will be practical and willing to work, although I am not dazzling.(Comment: Praise winter.)Because I think: this “winter”, more charming.Comment: Point.More content, welcome to Follow Jun jun, share more wonderful.