Jilin city out of a rich: to build a leading GNSS research and development enterprise, worth 6.5 billion

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Jilin City is an important industrial city in China, an important central city and a new industrial base in Jilin Province. For many years, it has been famous around for its beautiful and pleasant scenery. It is a tourist city with the characteristics of northern China.Up to now, the permanent population of Jilin city is about 3.623 million.In addition, Jilin is the only province in the country with the city of the same name, is an important transportation hub in northeast China and Jilin Province, rime city, northern Chinese characteristics of the tourist city, Chinese calligraphy city and other reputation.It is worth mentioning that The city of Jilin has been a place of talented people since ancient times. Many historical celebrities were born here, such as A Bahai, Duan Chenggui, Han Zhen, Han Renhe, Liu Wanxi, Yang Taihe and other famous people in Jilin City.Since entering the 21st century, Jilin city has naturally bred many excellent entrepreneurs.Xiaobian according to the search Hurun Research Institute, liquor brand Hengchang Burn Fang jointly released “2021 Hengchang Burn Fang hurun Rich List”, found a rich man from Jilin – Zhao Yanping.In the list, Zhao Yanping, Yang Yun couple with 6.5 billion yuan of wealth, ranked in jilin city area rich three, the strength can not be underestimated.Public information shows that Mr. Zhao Yanping, 54 years old, is a Chinese national with no right of permanent residence abroad and holds a master’s degree. He is currently the chairman of Shanghai Huachao Navigation Technology Co., LTD.And a lot of his wealth, it is from a single hand to build a listed company – China measurement navigation.As of the close of Trading on January 11, 2022, Beijing time, The share price of Huabaonavigation was 37.31 yuan, with a total market value of 14.132 billion yuan.Give you a brief introduction, Shanghai hua navigation technology co., LTD., is a focus on domestic GNSS research and development, production, sales in the integration of high and new technology industry group, is committed to high-precision GNSS products used in all walks of life, to provide users with comprehensive, global satellite positioning system (GPS) and related industry of high technology system solutions.Zhao Yanping is a mysterious rich man. Over the years, he has been interviewed only a handful of times by the media and keeps a low profile, so even many jilin locals don’t know much about him.Zhao Yanping was born in June 1968. He liked to study technology since he was a child and was admitted to Zhejiang University through unremitting efforts.After graduating from Zhejiang University in 1991, he entered Beijing Optical Instrument Factory to work on GPS research and development.After 17 years, Zhao yanping’s team finally developed China’s first high-precision satellite navigation board in 2008, and then conquered all the core algorithms and technologies in the field of high-precision satellite navigation successively, making a big win for China’s manufacturing industry.It is worth mentioning that since the establishment of Huabaonavigation, Zhao Yanping led the enterprise to adhere to the road of independent research and development, recruited a large number of professionals, and constantly explored new technology, making the enterprise develop very rapidly.In Zhao Yanping’s opinion, only by truly developing products independently can enterprises better meet the growing needs of users, better control costs, and participate in the international market competition to obtain higher profit margins.After years of development, BDS has become a high-tech enterprise specializing in hardware and software technology products related to high-precision satellite navigation and positioning. Currently, BDS has been widely used in China’s transportation, fishery, power, forestry, disaster reduction, smart city construction and social governance.According to the company’s latest financial report data, The first three quarters of 2021 to achieve the main revenue of 1.269 billion yuan, up 50.84% year on year;The net profit of the mother is 177 million yuan, up 61.85% year on year, and the performance continues to be good.Conclusion: From an ordinary technical researcher to the outstanding person in the field of global navigation satellite system, Zhao Yanping’s life experience is full of legend.Do not know that we are optimistic about the future development of China navigation test?