Full red chan after nearly a month more bo again!Official announcement selected Lawrence candidate, content shows attitude!

2022-05-01 0 By

For the current Quan Hong Chan, she started intensive training last year.After all, Quan Hong Chan is in winter training, and the body continues to grow, she needs enough training to maintain their state and figure.In fact, the last full red chan update dynamic also in the last month on 4, now has come to February 2, finally by countless netizens caught the opportunity to comment.Of course, the dynamic of the full red chan update, the most important reason is because the Chinese diving team was selected to the Lawrence best team candidate, the honor is worldwide.Among them are Argentina football team, Barcelona women’s football team, China diving team, Italy men’s football team, AMG Petro G1 team, bucks team.Of course, this is just the nomination, and the final selection is still a question.But we are the absolute leader in diving, and this time we finished the Olympics by a landslide, let’s see if we can finally win the award.But for the Chinese team, it is very good to be selected.Like quan Hongchan, she said in particular: as a young player, I will take the initiative to take responsibility, hard training, inherit the team’s excellent tradition, the continuation of the team’s excellent record.This is a response to the full hong Chan netizens, she will certainly continue training in private.In fact, we all know the full hong Chan degree of self-discipline, her attitude is certainly not any problem.Don’t forget, after winning the championship, she didn’t choose to participate in commercial activities, but chose to go to schools and other places to promote, which also proves her attitude, is a quality idol.Also hope in the following competition, quan Hong Chan can continue to give surprise.