Australian Open men’s singles semifinal preview: Nadal to the sixth Australian Open final, the general match against Xi Xi

2022-05-01 0 By

The men’s semifinals of the 2022 Australian Open will be contested tomorrow at noon Beijing time, with two matches respectively between Nadal and Beretini and Sissipas and Medvedev.The only previous meeting between Nadal and Beretini on Rod Laver Arena (no earlier than 11.30am tomorrow) came at the ’19 US Open, when Nadal defeated the Italian in straight sets.Although Nadal is different now, beretini is a bit better, more consistent in grand Slam results, but the weakest part is still not solved, that is the backhand.Once the advantage of his serve faltered or the quality of his first serves dropped, the Italian could not be far from reaching the last four.Of course, Nadal’s side is still a physical problem, the longer the match goes on, the worse the situation becomes, if you encounter the kind of five sets of shabo, it will be very bad.Medvedev vs Sisippas (no earlier than 4.30pm tomorrow) on hard court, may is clearly in the lead, but the Russian looks to be a long way off his form at last year’s US Open.May played a good backhand against Sinna in his last match, and if that continues, it’s a close call between the two.The record, May 6-2 overall lead, is also a grudge match, at least between the fans will not be less gimmicks.Sisi vaguely remembered the Australian Open last year, the same semi-final, Mei took sisi away in straight sets, the same semi-final, the same place, the same opponent, this time the showdown will be exciting!(Photo from Internet)