The lights and sirens only took six minutes to escort a nine-year-old girl to hospital

2022-04-30 0 By

S correspondent Wu Gang Pan Yizhou editor Guo Rong February 3, year 3, xinchangxian public security bureau traffic police brigade Pan Wenqing, li-wei ding Ming Ding Liangfeng squadron police and colleagues people driving police patrol near to 527 national road xinchangxian feather Lin oasis bridge street, suddenly, a car from behind the fast overtaking, horns, then don’t stop the car.The driver and passengers turned to the police for help, saying there was a nine-year-old girl in the car who had fainted from a fall and needed to be rushed to a hospital.Due to the heavy traffic at that time, Ding Liwei made a quick decision to carry the girl to the police car, while his colleagues quickly reported to the command center, requiring the police medical green channel.Pan turned on the police lights, sounded the alarm, and shouted to the vehicles in front of him to get out of the way. He ran several red lights while ensuring safety, and it took him less than six minutes to reach the hospital in a journey that originally took 20 minutes.Along the way, the police comforted the family of the injured girl, telling them not to worry too much.When they arrived at the hospital, the girl’s family was at a loss. Pan wenqing picked up the baby and put it on a cart and rushed to the emergency room.Due to the timely transfer to the hospital, the child is now safe and has been transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward for further treatment.The girl’s mother, Surnamed Wang, said that the girl fell from the second floor of the stairs while playing and fainted. She was in critical condition, and everyone panicked.They were so worried by the heavy traffic on the way to the hospital that they immediately went to the police for help.On the same day to participate in the rescue of several traffic police, Ms. Wang sincerely thank you.