The jazz sent the Nets to their seventh straight loss in a 23-point victory.Mitchell beat Owen 27+6, but the young man lost

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After a narrow win at home, the Jazz took a break to face the Nets, who are in the midst of a six-game losing streak.Jazz, Mitchell usher in a comeback, Gerber + Clarkson suspended from the game, and this disabled jazz, can defend the home, will undoubtedly face no small challenge.On the other hand, The Nets side, Harden due to injury absence, and this service Irwin single-core team, can help the Nets end a losing streak, obviously also became a big watch of the game!But after four quarters, the jazz outscored the Nets 18-5 to build a 21-point lead in the first half.In addition, after returning in the second half, Mitchell and Bojan ushered in a burst in the third quarter, and the Jazz took advantage of the momentum, a 17-7 scoring run, which also made the last quarter to lose the suspense early.The jazz beat the Nets 125-102 at home, winning their second straight game and handing the Nets their seventh straight loss.Playing at home, the Jazz had all six players in double figures and scored more points as a team in a 23-point victory.While whiteside + PASCAL + Azubuik and other main forces, each in their own role, the three core Mitchell + Boyan + Conley play, is particularly critical!Back in action, Mitchell was on fire, starting 19 minutes, hitting six 3-pointers on 8-for-10 shooting, scoring a team-high 27 points, adding three rebounds, six assists and one block.Among them he in the third quarter, Li Tu outside the single quarter scored 14 points of the magic performance, not only helped the Jazz opened the score gap, but also once became the Nets in the back line, difficult to solve the existence!Rationally speaking, in this game and Owen’s matchup, whether in personal data, or lead team performance, Mitchell at both ends of the offense and defense, can be described as a complete victory over Owen ah!In addition, as a team on the front line of a sharp soldier, the game boyang play, also indispensable.This service Boyang is very efficient, the entire field 14 shooting 8 shooting percentage is close to 60% not to say, outside is to throw 3 3 points, handed over 19 points +11 rebounds +4 assists of the double double performance, excellently completed their mission!Of course, the Jazz can win this game, the core guard Conley’s performance, also played a crucial role.Conley played both offensively and defensively, scoring 14 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 1 block on 5-of-10 shooting in 21 minutes as a starter.In the attack + organization end all have the case of achievement, have to say, this service Conley in the attack and defense at both ends of the key performance, but also successfully affected the trend of the game!On the contrary, the nets side, the game team was comprehensively crushed, the final bitter swallow 23 points routed +7 consecutive game performance, obviously also remains to be studied.But for the Nets, this battle battle, the team is not completely without highlights.After all, In the case of Irving’s 6 out of 20 hands are not good, this game will be played by Cameron Thomas, really commendable!Cameron Thomas scored a game-high 30 points with three 3-pointers on 11-of-19 shooting and two rebounds, four assists and one steal in 29 minutes off the bench.Although can not rely on his own force, help the Nets to recover the decline, but rationally speaking, the game Cameron Thomas’s excellent play, indeed to the Jazz team brought no small pressure and trouble!But with Harden out and Irving out of the game, Cameron Thomas, who had struggled throughout the game, seemed resigned to a seven-game losing streak.