Take Care of the years

2022-04-30 0 By

In short, we should cherish and value the good time of our life!I like a famous Russian poem very much: the day is too short to embrace the morning, and already hold the dusk.A year is very short, too short to fine early spring yinhong sinus green, it is necessary to make a point of plain wrapped autumn frost.Life is very short, too short to enjoy the good years, already in the sunset.One hundred years of life, time is so simple and clear to write, but it sounds and feels so long and distant.Walk all the way.Experienced, to experience, feel, comprehend its wind and rain vicissitudes of life, happiness and pain.In this long and short years of time, how many people left success and joy in smiling face;How many people left practical and ordinary in the heart;And how many people left helpless and regret with a lifetime.Years, there is the replacement of spring, summer, autumn and winter, there are colorful flowers, there is the quiet beauty of the bright moon in the sky, there are changes in temperature of the world, there are smooth bumpy test, there are great and ordinary calm.Through the long road of life, drip time trickle.No matter what, we must keep a sunny heart.Joy of success and failure, light on fame and gain and loss, laugh at life, cherish the good time!You have to walk on your own.Life is their own, the good times are their own, the whole world is their own……This is the years!This is the time!Walk the road of life, and the line and cherish!On February 17, 2022, at Hanyin Daping Academy.