Sayin!Chinese women ice wins!

2022-04-30 0 By

Just now, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team beat the World no. 6 Japan team in the shooting competition to win two consecutive games.The Japanese women’s ice hockey team is very fierce, but the Chinese women ice is more fierce than them — the two sides were 1-1 in the first three games, the overtime were no tree, to the single shot link, The Chinese women ice no. 34 Miller scored the ball, the Chinese women ice to win this difficult battle!Due to the same group of Denmark and Sweden are two losses, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team is locked in the last 8!Photo: Li Juhui After the second section of the competition, the audience also made a slogan, cheer for the Chinese female ice girls!IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation Congratulations!Come on!Source: China Youth Daily editor: Zhang Shuang Review: Yue Liang final review: Wang Yu