Rain and snow?The Year of the Tiger starts every time.

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The Spring Festival holiday is over soon!Do you feel like the holiday went by very quickly?Today is the first working day of the Year of the Tiger. Strong warm air and cold air are combining to bring the biggest rain and snow in the Middle East this year.This round of rain and snow weather affected a wide range of precipitation phase complex north mainly snow in the Middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River rain and snow mixed together to see the latest forecast of Shanghai weather Shanghai will have rain and snow on The 7th rain and snow affected by cold and warm air, the Yangtze River Delta region from the 6th night to the 7th from the west to the east of a wide range of rain and snow weather process.Shanghai 6 midnight rain or sleet, moderate amount of rain and snow, chongming, Jiading, Qingpu and Jinshan and other places have sleet or short snow.Due to the high surface temperature, the road will not appear obvious snow.The temperature is affected by the rain and snow weather. The lowest temperature in downtown Shanghai will be about 2℃ on The 7th, while the suburbs will be 0 ~ 1℃. There will be thin ice in some areas, and the highest temperature will be about 4℃ on the 7th.The temperature has been rising since The 8th.The weather trend in Shanghai is mainly cloudy to cloudy before 10th.11-12 by the southwest warm wet air, there will be a precipitation process.Although the temperature climbs slowly, it is relatively stable, with the highest temperature of 7-10 degrees and the lowest temperature of 3-6 degrees.This rain and snow weather will coincide with the return peak, and there will be obvious snow or sleet in cities around Shanghai, which will easily cause low visibility on expressways, icy roads and slippery roads. Friends returning to Shanghai remember to pay attention to the weather and traffic information in time.Driver friends should pay attention to keep distance, careful slow.Due to the rain and snow weather, the road is slippery. On the first working day after the holiday, we should pay more attention to road traffic safety.When things get back to normal after the long Spring Festival holiday, but you feel physically unable to return?Are you feeling a little lethargic, anxious, sleepy, or even experiencing significant sleep disorders or depression at the thought of coming back to work?In fact, this is called the post-holiday syndrome!There are tricks to deal with it!1. Give yourself a buffer period. Adjust your sleep schedule slowly during the holidays.The last day of vacation, can do a few things that have relation with work consciously, if read newspaper, ponder a few problems, conduce to walk out of recreational, lazy state.At the end of the holiday season, take some time to meditate on what to do when you get back to work.At the beginning of work, we should pay attention to the smooth transition of psychology, learn to shift attention, and put energy in daily work and life.3, moderate sports learn to self-regulation, moderate sports activities, rich spare time life, as soon as possible to restore to the original state of life.Suit to undertake rhythm and slow motion quite at this moment, if swim, yoga, jump hold to wait.4, to ensure sleep to relieve fatigue before falling asleep as far as possible to do physical and mental relaxation, use hot water to wash feet, gently press the head, moderate walking, enjoy music and other ways to adjust.Create a good sleep environment for yourself, adjust your sleep rhythm and relieve fatigue.5, light diet drink more water every morning on an empty stomach drink a cup of warm water, promote metabolism.Diet adhere to the principle of “less salt, less oil”, a small number of meals, food soft and easy to digest, help the gastrointestinal tract to restore normal operation as soon as possible.6, there is a positive psychological hint that everyone will have a dialogue with themselves in their hearts, no matter the dialogue is positive or negative, our hearts will automatically accept and record, and then determine the emotion and attitude and behavior when facing similar problems.Therefore, in order to work and live happily, please give yourself more positive psychological hints.Ready for the Year of the Tiger?The New Year, come on ~ Information: Eastday.com, Shanghai Weather, Shanghai Meteorological Service Center, Shanghai release editor: Ye Jiacheng