Yulin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security introduced five measures to speed up employment and social security in cities

2022-04-29 0 By

Yulin News (reporter Huang Bing) recently, Yulin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security formulated the Implementation Plan of Yulin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security on Accelerating the employment and Social security work of the population in Cities (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), launched five measures to accelerate the employment and social security work of the population in cities.We will ensure that more than 15,000 new jobs will be created in urban areas (Yuzhou District and Yudong New Area) by 2022, weave a tight and solid employment security net, effectively promote the process of new-type urbanization, and speed up the construction of Yulin into a big city with a population of one million.In order to strengthen the rural migrant workers employment social security services, “the plan”, points out that dispel the Labour and talent flow barriers, promote equal basic public services, safeguard migrant workers, migrant workers in the local enjoy equal employment and population of entrepreneurial guidance, employment assistance, vocational skills training and other public service employment entrepreneurship.For the migrant workers who return to their hometown and settle down in the city, they can participate in the basic endowment insurance of enterprise workers in accordance with the law;Those who join with personnel of flexible obtain employment to protect can attend enterprise worker primary endowment insurance in Yulin city by id card, also can attend urban and rural dweller primary endowment insurance in household place.In terms of employment services for zero-employment families, the plan stipulates that the unemployed should be recommended for at least three times.We will increase employment assistance, and provide public welfare jobs to those families who find it difficult to find jobs through the market.In urban areas, “every zero-employment family appears, every zero-employment family is helped, and every family is solved”, ensuring that at least one zero-employment family member who is able to find employment finds a job.Those who find it difficult to find employment through flexible employment shall be given social security subsidies for flexible employment;Enterprises that create jobs through enterprises shall be given social security subsidies.According to the plan, universities and enterprises should strengthen cooperation and actively push job information to college graduates.Relying on the third-party human resources service platform to set up online recruitment area for key enterprises, and regularly release job demand information every month.According to the talent demand of enterprises, and in combination with the professional structure of college graduates entering the city, we will carry out campus job fairs and other activities regularly, so as to build a communication bridge and strengthen the connection between key enterprises and schools in the city.We will carry out activities for college graduates entering the city to enhance their understanding of the city’s parks and enterprises and attract more graduates to work in the city.Further expand the scale of apprenticeship, according to the enterprise talent needs targeted delivery of apprenticeships.”Plan” pointed out that the city can enjoy a free employment skills training, that is to participate in professional training, confirmed by the city office for the city of the labor force, can be in yulin technician institute and other professional skills training qualifications (a mechanic) colleges and technical secondary school run by the local vocational skills training institutions to sign up for a job skills training,According to personal actual demand voluntarily choose to attend a job skills training, job meet the requirements of national vocational skills training subsidy policy to give training subsidy, after exam qualification issued by national recognition of professional qualification (skill level) certificate, power into the city labor employment nearby, improve the ability of adapt to the social economic and master the knowledge and skills needed for the job.The plan calls for strengthening and improving public employment services, continuously raising service capacity and promoting higher quality and fuller employment.The city will improve the construction of community employment and social security service platform, vigorously promote the construction of employment service network, further promote the connectivity of digital people and cooperatives information network at the municipal, county, township and village (community) levels, and comprehensively improve the level of informatization and convenience services for people and cooperatives.Further improve the remote video employment and entrepreneurship service platform covering urban and rural areas through government purchase services, open up the network interaction platform for industrial parks, enterprises and public employment services with online and offline service modes of “on-site + remote video” and “physical + network”, and provide industrial Qiang with efficient and convenient human resources services.