Ximihua was arrested and his mistress lived in luxury manor abroad. She had no real estate under her original name, so she posted a document to sell goods

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01 was put in jail now distance to wash the rice to China already has a long time, and about his “harem” always have a new message, such as small three mandy lieu because life in Britain got 300 million break-up fee haciendado luxurious life, but no real estate huotang legally Jenny chan name since washing rice after his arrest, sources say wash rice sister-in-law Jenny chan mansion to cry,Has always been a high-profile social accounts also broken more, in an update is on January 22nd, content is post to sell goods, such a comparison, can let a person gasp, as little lived 2.3 billion smooth cash out of the three big manor, but for the original living 02 only discovered, then everybody before his arrest, wash the rice to China have a home mortgage out,The reason is that one of its VIP halls has a lot of debts. On December 1, Xiamehua resigned as the executive director and chairman of Sun City Group and Kaisheng Holdings. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that Xiamehua may have had financial problems before his arrest, and suddenly went to the mainland to open illegal casinos.Some time ago, Chen Ronglian, the billionaire husband of An Yixuan, was also arrested for illegally running a casino in the mainland. It is reported that he is suspected of four crimes.If they’re found guilty, they could go to prison for at least 15 years.But the washing m China pawn of longer than Chen Rong refining, and if Chen is 15 years, then wash the rice to China may be longer but unlike Chen Rong refining, washing rice China even resign, his legacy is emotionally relish to watch, we know he within marriage looking for a small three, is a hybrid model was born in Malaysia,Her Chinese name is Liu Bili.Mandy lieu have called little three 04 reason is strongest Liu Bi beauty after previous hasn’t shied away from improper relationship and washing m China, a word, she doesn’t feel do small three is a disgrace, and firmly believe that as long as you have to wash the rice to China’s favor, so their have screamed huotang legally capital especially job-related washing rice to China back to the port of mandy lieu,In front of the Hong Kong media so many lens 2 people have no taboo, holding hands and kissing, the presence of Hong Kong to see Jenny chan is very angry, and there was the second day signed the divorce agreement divorce, although not wash rice China reason, because of legal divorce of husband and wife, Jenny chan will go wash m China half patrimony 05 but finally cut continuously and small three relations,Finally, the relationship between husband and wife to the end, it is worth mentioning that Chen Huiling married to wash rice hua in the ten years, although by stepson Zhou Baihao love and in-laws love, but washing rice hua is born but 2 daughters, but small three Liu Bili is taking the advantage of young MAO MAO liansheng 4 children,Three daughters and a son. That’s probably why Zimiwa never really broke up with his mistress, is it?However, although the couple divorced, Bili Liu was not promoted to the official position, but Zimihua did not less in front of Chen Hui-ling’s north palace to marry his wife, for example, once he sang “Love Me don’t Go” in front of his ex-wife Chen Hui-ling, his speech and behavior has the potential of remarriage.Just the news was giving birth to a child 2 mandy lieu had to see a noisy after washing m China temporarily to his ex-wife courting foreign back “fire”, but not to wash the rice to China family recognition mandy lieu will always be a small three, finally the washing m China Jenny chan really remarried, but then wash the rice to China after four too, Angela leong, protection from king,It is reported that Chen Hui-ling has no property under her name now, and Liu Bili not only has a manor in The UK, but also has a villa worth 150 million yuan in the Mid-levels of Hong Kong. Just after The arrest of Chen Mihua,Mandy lieu home mortgages to melco (Mr) led by company recently huotang legally Jenny chan has also appoint lawyers to get mandy lieu law back to home ownership, but unfortunately, Lawrence also citing each other is not on the money to take back to change the ownership of the mansion, this is Jenny chan want to get this house even harder the 07 without her husband’s blessing,I’m afraid all of Chen hui-ling’s value has gone down the toilet, but it would be very sad if she was reduced to selling goods in a post. In other words, if Ximihua was really arrested, who would be worse?Welcome to comment below to discuss!