The most quintessential “nesting doll”, this generation of Mercedes C class design is successful?

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My friend, Lao Zhang, is a car fan like me. The topic we talked about most was cars, and the “double face” design of new Volkswagen Lavida really made us laugh together. However, when talking about Mercedes, we had different opinions:”Ah, you say the public is how to think, the doll set for so many years still do not repent, now Passat, Sagitar, Magotan, Lang Yi are silly and confused.””In fact, this is not strange doll design, but the public themselves do not think, you see somebody else Lincoln, Mercedes Benz is not the same doll, but put together a look will know who is big wang.””Lincoln, I agree with you, but forget about Mercedes. S class and C class are not stupid to tell the difference.””Why, you see the two cars have completely different gas fields, the C-Class and the S-Class are going in different directions.”.Process in recent years, with the development of the auto industry gradually speeding up, the car companies are under increasing pressure of competition, at once to five or six years experience generation of models of peer competing goods generation of pressure now basically have two or three years began to product cycles, although generation means that the product update iteration is fast, is good for consumers,However, the design cost is also a part of the car enterprises can not be ignored, so it has evolved into the family doll design of various car enterprises, among which Mercedes Benz is also a typical representative.The 2022 Mercedes-benz C-Class has received mixed reviews since its launch last August, with some saying it is well designed. Although it is the same as the existing S-Class, it can enjoy the most advanced product for the least money.However, some people think that the appearance and interior decoration are still nothing new. The worst thing is that the first BBA to dare to use the 1.5T small displacement engine is Mercedes Benz, which makes it a little embarrassed that it has been claiming to be a luxury brand.After reading these comments, I think it is still fair and rational to look at this matter.Although the platform modularization, design dolls can save the design cost to the greatest extent, and consumers are also willing to accept at the beginning, but over time such a design will inevitably make consumers aesthetic fatigue, so in the premise of a new design language and concept really should be brave to innovate rather than blindly dolls.But to go back to the Mercedes c-class will find its eldest brother Mercedes s-class though and even E is similar, but the expression of design style and the latter two completely different, class C is partial exercise more accord with young people and young aesthetic, and E the sense that gives a person is more business and more stable, the s-class mention the powerful aura is class C and E don’t have,Although I always think that the s-class design of the previous generation is more classic, the cash S is still the leader of the design language of the Benz family.As for the 1.5T engine of Mercedes-benz C-class, I believe that the people who can consider buying Mercedes-benz C-Class are satisfied with the appearance and interior decoration that looks like S-Class. Power is not their main consideration. Moreover, the power parameter data of BBA’s 3-series, A4L and C-class 1.5T plus 48V light hybrid are not worse than those of the first two.Therefore, objectively speaking, this cannot be regarded as a joke point. With the deepening of the concept of electrification and global environmental protection, Mercedes Benz is the first German auto company to take this step.And back to the doll design, in fact, the doll design itself is not terrible, terrible is that the doll is not new.A positive example is the Model of Lincoln family. Although the family doll style is also adopted, the hierarchical arrangement of its models is clear at a glance. So is Mercedes Benz.The negative example is Volkswagen. The new Sagitar, the new Lavida and the new Passat are put together. The former two are compact cars and the Passat is a medium-sized car, but the front face is almost identical, there is no design innovation at all.Write at the end:Actually doll design is not terrible, terrible is also reluctant to innovation content continues to the present situation of the dolls, this generation of mercedes-benz c-class although also is but a set of dolls design is very have their own style, not only retained the family elder brother design language, also reflects the c-class conforms to the young people aesthetic orientation, the design of this tends to the parties balance also it serves to show the Mercedes to the design of the heat balance is in place,So this is a successful nesting doll design.