The Organization Department of lanzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC coordinated and pooled forces to carry out targeted community prevention and control

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In the battle against COVID-19 on October 18, the Organization Department of CPC Municipal Committee adhered to the people-centered concept and fully stimulated the organizational advantages of grassroots Party organizations, the institutional advantages of “Social Work Committee”, the strength advantages of stationed cadres and the service advantages of volunteer teams.All kinds of resources have been mobilized at the grassroots level, and prevention and control measures have been fully implemented, such as “sealing off, shutting down, stopping, controlling and isolating”, thus strengthening the first line of defense for community prevention and control.Epidemic prevention and control is not only an encounter battle, but also an uphill battle. It is a heavy responsibility and an arduous task to secure the first line of defense for communities.Party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres in the city resolutely shouldered their political responsibilities, grasped the difficulties head-on and acted actively to build a solid fortress in the battle against the epidemic.The commander is in the front line, overall planning and scheduling.Stick to the leading cadre demonstrative leading, cadres based community, play a role of party organizations at the grass-roots level, mobilize members vying for example, using “club committee” platform five key tasks, such as cohesive forces adhere to the “daily” mechanism, the establishment and counties, streets, communities, stationed working group and mechanism of the work of cohesion, in the form of “one key to” dynamic control instructions,Effectively implement community control measures with an attitude of not staying overnight.Party flag flutters in the line, aggrandizement demonstration leads.Urge guide party organizations at all levels pass forward to establish a fighting bastion, establishment of emergency 4832 party members’ vanguard commandos, 1583 temporary party branch, 6115 party members XianFengGang, 6193 party members in the area, organizing the city, the county organs of two levels of more than 400 enterprises and institutions stationed 23000 cadres to residence community participation and epidemic prevention work,A solid barrier has been erected on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Work together on the front lines to build a fortress of epidemic prevention.We organized and mobilized government officials and retired military personnel to carry out epidemic prevention work in the communities where they live, set up 360 working groups, and established a working mechanism of “1+2+N” to ensure the full coverage of the garrison forces in the four districts of the main city.256 village secretaries and 794 working staff members were transferred to “vanguard teams” for epidemic prevention and control, and 5,429 members of the “Social Work Committee” were organized to assist in community epidemic prevention and control, thus building a “community” in which the party and the masses work together, multi-party cooperation and concerted efforts to fight the epidemic.The supervisor falls on the line and compels the responsibilities of all parties.Eight inspection teams have been set up, covering all areas of the country through on-the-spot inspections, undercover inspections, on-the-spot rectification and on-site solutions, and providing point-to-point feedback and rectification on the spot for problems found.In the process of inspection, we will learn about the implementation of prevention and control work by leading groups and officials at all levels, listen to people’s suggestions at close range and through multiple channels, and identify and identify officials with the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control work.Caring is integrated in the front line, encouraging responsibility.We will set clear guidelines for promoting and employing officials who have the courage to overcome difficulties and perform well, give priority to promotion of professional titles, and promptly commend and reward them.We also extended condolences to 169 family members of CDC officials and 724 police officers on duty.Timely excavation of the typical experience of propaganda grassroots frontline, “warm heart guardian in the winter”, “retired do not fade oath vanguard” and other advanced deeds were widely publicized by the central and provincial media, effectively stimulated their fighting spirit, encouraged their morale.Communities are the first line of joint prevention and control, the most effective line of defense against imported and spread of the epidemic, and an important battlefield for containing the spread of the epidemic.All departments at all levels and all sectors of society in The city closely follow the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, further implement and implement various community prevention and control measures, quickly block the transmission chain of the epidemic, continue to strengthen joint prevention and control, mass prevention and control, and concentrate on winning the “battle of containment” of epidemic prevention and control.Strengthened measures to control the flow of people gathered.Eight measures were put forward to strengthen the closed management of residential areas, and the information-based management of “small orchid assistant” was carried out to improve the efficiency of personnel access control in residential areas.A total of 1,560 patrols will be organized for fixed duty and irregular patrols.Hard isolation barriers have been set up to solve the problem of scattered control and varying tightness in 766 buildings.The “five determinations” nucleic acid testing methods of building, person, order, fixed point and time were summarized, which solved the problems of long queue time and high density of personnel.Focus on the key point, reflects the humanistic care.The management of key groups was strengthened, and 1,934 special supervisors were designated to track and provide services to those who were released from home monitoring in isolation in a “person-to-person” manner.We set up 28 psychological counseling teams, set up 46 special lines for psychological assistance, and contacted designated medical institutions to provide services for 2,868 patients with uremia and other major diseases, effectively making the people feel separated from each other and ensuring smooth and orderly management and control.They gathered strength and formed a pattern of mass prevention and control.Play a role of “club committee” platform condensed integration efforts, guide “club committee” temple tube members and follow villager people push to form a minority people volunteer service 16, 360 in cities community building “a p” control team, to mobilize the “blue” in lanzhou 17000 veterans to actively participate in volunteer service zone from spreading,An atmosphere in which everyone participates and everyone is responsible has been effectively formed.The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 is a test of the grassroots governance system and capacity of The city.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, the whole city adheres to the guidance of Party building and pays attention to linkage and cooperation, and moves the focus of social governance and services down to the grassroots level. Community service resources are constantly strengthened, and the team strength keeps growing, providing strong support for winning the battle against the epidemic.Strong organizations ensure the establishment of community “epidemic prevention network”.Relying on community Party organizations, a complete set of working mechanisms for epidemic prevention information reporting, regular epidemic prevention and control, and emergency response have been established.We will coordinate the integration of social Work committees, Patriotic Health Committees and public Health commissions, vigorously carry out patriotic public health campaigns, guide the public to maintain epidemic prevention and control awareness at all times, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for, support and participate in community prevention and control work.Work together to build a “community” of epidemic prevention.Give full play to their role as the “club committee” platform, community workers, cadres, halted “two represents one member of the” personnel, property management enterprises, and volunteer workers efforts, consolidate the “police and militia, the people of” joint logistics operation mode, relying on the veterans to form a normalized volunteer service team, set up special discussed conversion work team, truly can come at the drop of a hat, to the war.Improve service quality and build concentric circles in the community.Adhere to the combination of strict control and warm heart service, the establishment of residential classification management information archive database, strictly implement grid investigation, to achieve effective management of people from other places to Return to LAN.Through more warm-hearted services, we will strengthen our care and sympathy for special groups and families in need, and win the support and understanding of the people.Residents will be encouraged to take the initiative to participate in epidemic prevention and control, community governance, and mutual assistance between neighbors, so as to create a good atmosphere of “everyone is responsible”.(Reporter Yang Xin/Article Yang Zhibin/Photo)