Rockets lose Aaron, cuttino Mobley pissed off Fertitta!Three plans to revive the team?

2022-04-29 0 By

The Houston Rockets lost to the Utah Jazz 101-135 today in the NBA regular season, handing the Houston Rockets their fourth straight win and their fifth straight loss.Two newcomers made their Houston debuts. Schroder had four points, three rebounds, five assists and a steal in 18 minutes, while Fernando played five scoreless minutes and grabbed only one rebound.According to Fagan, the Houston Chronicle reporter, the rockets’ owner Fertitta is frustrated with the team’s poor record. He is a businessman and needs the team to improve quickly to bring in ticket sales, jerseys, advertising and other revenue, instead of the last place in the Western Conference.General manager stone in harden trading are not Allen, have no choice in the draft convention cuttino mobley let team plunged into passive, can saying is the rockets made the cavaliers this season, such operations have completely annoyed phil tower, stone doesn’t show satisfactory operation, I’m afraid he will be cut before coach Silas.However, let stone depressed is this season’s key training of Jay Green and porter’s play did not meet expectations, Wood is the strong defense of the weak representative, today’s game Martin on the court publicly expressed dissatisfaction with Wood’s defense out of position, let the latter very embarrassing.Gordon has been the most consistent player this season, but he’s 33 years old and can’t be developed as a building block.So far, there are three ways for the Rockets to improve quickly next season. One is to spend money in free agency to sign players they like, two is to acquire stars they want through trades, and three is to acquire building blocks through the draft.First of all, next year’s free market will not lack ayton of the SUNS, Bridges of the Hornets, Sexton of the Cavaliers, Divenzenzo of the Kings and other talented players.The rockets landed Lin and Anderson on two toxic contracts in 2018, setting the stage for a revival that could continue this summer.The rockets have more room to maneuver in the trade market next summer. Wall has only one year left on his contract, and more teams will be interested in him. As long as the Rockets are willing to pay, it seems to be no problem to take one or two stars.According to the Houston Chronicle, the Rockets are willing to offer their 2022 first-round pick, wood and Gordon, if The Pelicans’ no. 1 overall pick, Zion, wants to leave.Finally a revival is the rockets through the draft implementation is draft off-year in 2022, to be able to take out the potential of the star only Homer glen and cut class, with a record of the rockets now, get the top sign or sign second chance is large, the NBA scout evaluation description to battle over the top, two people if I need someone to participate in the NBA game tomorrow,Bancello can play right away. He’s got everything you want.But if I were a rebuilding team, I think holmgren would be the best long-term prospect for the next five years, although there are more uncertainties.From the actual situation of the current Rockets, if the final no. 1 pick, Banchero will be the team’s first choice.All in all, the rockets rebuilding road is a long way to go, fans friends, you think the Rockets next season to acquire which player can quickly achieve a record of improvement?