Reset!Chang ‘an District Hospital successfully completed the task of fighting the epidemic

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On the afternoon of February 2, the last COVID-19 patient in Xi ‘an Chang ‘an District Hospital was discharged, declaring that the hospital’s treatment and rehabilitation work for COVID-19 patients had been completely cleared.As a designated treatment and rehabilitation hospital for COVID-19 patients, Chang ‘an District Hospital will officially treat patients from December 31, 2021, and provide systematic treatment in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment standards, operating guidelines, nursing routine, and prevention and control measures formulated by the National Health Commission.As the last patient was cured and discharged from the hospital, after 34 days and more than 800 hours of continuous struggle, the hospital successfully completed the tasks of designated treatment and treatment in designated rehabilitation hospital, and achieved the goal of zero clearance.Timely response to act quickly on December 28, 2021 received provincial epidemic prevention and control command to determine its for fixed-point treated after the hospital, the hospital actively carry out preparatory work, on the campus and ward area such as fixed-point hospital infection control were in strict accordance with the requirements of rational planning in different regions, determine the staff channel with the patient transport channel, ward and environmental transformation task quickly,We will complete the allocation and reserve of supplies, equipment and instruments, launch a scientific, standardized and orderly treatment system, strengthen prevention and control measures, organize emergency drills, strengthen protective measures for medical workers, strictly prevent and control nosocomial infections, and push forward the anti-epidemic work in an orderly manner. Patients will be admitted to hospitals from December 31, 2021.After receiving notification on January 14, 2022 that the hospital was transformed from a designated COVID-19 treatment hospital to a designated rehabilitation hospital for cured patients, the hospital formulated implementation plans, carried out preparatory work including ward adjustment and terminal elimination, and received patients recovering from COVID-19 from January 16 to February 2. All work was carried out in an orderly manner and all tasks were successfully completed.Under the multi-pronged approach of precision diagnosis and treatment, Chang ‘an District Hospital adheres to the hospital motto of “Virtue, Charity, excellence in Medicine” and works together with the medical teams to successfully complete the treatment tasks.On a daily basis, “one-to-one” treatment plan evaluation and evaluation are carried out for the diagnosis and treatment plan of confirmed cases in the hospital, and the provincial expert group is timely contacted and invited to provide on-site guidance.In accordance with the principle of paying equal attention to both Traditional Chinese and western medicine, resident TCM experts have participated in ward rounds, consultations, case discussions and TCM treatment evaluation, and established a unified TCM decoction production and timed delivery system to achieve full coverage of TCM and Western medicine treatment.In this round of epidemic prevention and control battle, the logistics support team prepared equipment, drugs and supplies, provided heart-warming services, and ensured the rear area of the fight against the epidemic.The medical workers of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters have quietly provided strong command, coordination and guarantee for the entire medical treatment team.Unified purchase of air disinfection machine, ULTRAVIOLET lamp vehicle, blood gas analyzer, respiratory therapy instrument, pulse oxygen, electronic sphygmomanometer and other medical equipment;Coordinate hospital mobile DR, ECG monitor, Mindray M9 portable ultrasound device and other medical equipment needed in the ward to ensure orderly treatment work.Ensuring patients meals, do a good job in the dinning, meals on time, actively cooperate with hospital infection control management to the canteen service carefullization, provide personalized custom meals, including meals, the old man eat, diabetes meal, postoperative liquid diets, pregnant women eat the meal, all-weather catering service, actively build the doctor-patient harmonious medical environment war outbreak.In order to create a safe and reassuring medical environment for patients, we will ensure that the official opening of the clinic is on February 7.Since February 3, the hospital has carried out 360° deep disinfection treatment without dead Angle for air, surface, ground, facilities and equipment in the hospital.The epidemic prevention and control in the war, the medical people together with the medical team, white board of armour against the wind, arm in arm, side by side, built a solid life security, long show the medical people have the courage to bear, fulfill their duties of the country, reveals the selfless dedication, good good to excellent quality, the next step, chang ‘an district hospital will continue to maintain high morale,To guard the safety and health of people in Chang ‘an District.Source: Sanqin network editor: Wutong ge grid