Professor Munman invites you to the Winter Olympics, in the form of poetry

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“Learning power” Beijing On February 3, without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom.What kind of experience will it be when the beautiful Chinese poetry meets the Winter Olympics?Mengman, a professor from the School of History and Culture of Minzu University of China, was invited by “Learning Power” to “interpret” this global ice and snow sports event with poems and send New Year’s greetings to the athletes.The beginning of spring meets the opening ceremony, and the Winter Olympics meet the Chinese year.And in ancient times, poets and snow, meet is beautiful, meet there will be poetry.Munman believes that the most able to express the mood of common celebration at the moment of the poem, when the song Dynasty Yang Wanli’s “favorite Dongshan sunny snow”.Poem cloud: only know to win suddenly forget cold, small spring breeze setting.Favorite dongshan sunny snow, soft red in yinshan.It’s basically, the poet says, “I’ve been chasing the sights, and I’ve forgotten the cold.”I stood in the sunset, the spring breeze, looking at the mountains.The snowy scene in the East Hill is my favorite.In a soft red light, poured out a silver mountain.Why is this poem good?In “only know the victory but forget the cold”, what the poet sees is the scenery, but what do the athletes see in their eyes?Is victory!On the field, we should carry forward the Olympic spirit, unremitting self-improvement, hard work and enterprising, the pursuit of victory, beyond self.Life is a rare few back to fight, at this time not to fight more when!Forget myself, can not help but forget the cold.”Small spring breeze and sunset”, everyone is standing in the spring breeze, are moving forward towards the goal of victory.Coincidentally, Beijing and Hebei have just had snow.And we China stand tall in the east of the world.”Dongshan” can also refer to the rolling mountains of Beijing and Zhangjiakou.”Silver mountains in soft red light”, above the silver mountains, is the warm winter sun.The “soft red light” is not only the light of the sun, but also the light of spring, as well as the energetic light of athletes, but also the great glory of our motherland.At the Winter And Paralympic Games, sports compete for technical difficulty and beauty, as well as speed.If ancient poetry is used to describe the former, Mengman believes that Cao Zijian’s ode to the Goddess of Luo is the most appropriate.Wen said: “Pian if jing Hong, wan if you dragon.Rongyao Qiuju, Huamao Spring pine.Good 髴 like light clouds over the moon, good as drifting snow.”If you look at figure skating, the athletes are light and graceful, like flying swan geese or roaming dragons.This poem describes the graceful posture of the athletes on ice and snow, and can describe any beautiful skating events.The Chinese figure skating team trains for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at the Capital Gymnasium on January 31, 2018.The picture shows Chinese pairs skaters Sui Wenjing (left) and Han Cong in training.Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can in addition, the Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen “make east sichuan” cloud: “just see ridge head cloud like cover, has been surprised rock snow such as dust”, Mengman think, can describe all such as alpine skiing to speed to win the ice sports projects.As it is the Spring Festival, Munman sent MAO Zedong’s “Qinyuan Spring · Snow” to all winter Olympic athletes.The lower half of it: cherish qin Huang Han Wu, slightly lost literary talent;Tang Zong song Zu, slightly less coquettish.Genghis Khan, the emperor of heaven, only knew how to shoot eagles with a bow.Previous athletes have made extraordinary achievements and left a deep impression on us.However, “all the past, the number of romantic figures still depends on today.”This poem is for all athletes who pursue their dreams and aspire to create new and great achievements.It is reported that the Beijing Winter Olympics will have a number of “firsts” — the highest number and proportion of female athletes in any Winter Olympics.Female athletes participate in the number of events, also for the previous Winter Olympics.In view of this, Mengman borrowed Qiu Jin’s “Diffuse cloud woman not hero, thousands of miles of wind alone to the east” to all female athletes.For the Olympic dream, gather the east of the world, gather China to show style.On the field of play, there are successes and there are failures.As long as you have the courage to overcome yourself and surpass yourself, you will be respected even if you don’t get a gold medal.Mengman said, Li Qingzhao has a word cloud: “why light blue deep red, it is the first-class flowers.”No matter whether the ranking, as long as you do your best, you are all heroes, are “first-class flowers”.”The valiant valiant five feet gun, dawn at the beginning of the studio.Chinese people are more ambitious than red clothes.In the end, Munman used MAO Zedong’s poem to encourage Chinese female athletes to compete for the lead.”A riot of arrangements, only for the first sound of new thunder.”Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, we are ready!(Chen Yuan-ding, special correspondent for the Winter Olympics)