Ni Xianghua, general manager of Sunac Southeast Zhejiang Company, is a female executive with outstanding temperament and often makes public appearances

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Under the leadership of The president Wang Peng, The Southeast region of Sunac has developed very well in recent years. Compared with north China, Shanghai, southwest and other old regions, it has great growth vitality.Its subsidiary north Zhejiang branch occupies the innate advantage of “Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone” in geography, which attracts a lot of attention.Ni Xianghua, general manager of North Zhejiang Company, has attracted the attention of the operator financial network in the last two years. How is her performance?I’ll try to explain it to you.”Commander-in-chief” Wang Peng, as a post-1980s executive, enjoys a high status in Sunac Group, thanks to his outstanding achievements over the past ten years.And Ni Xianghua as one of his female generals, nature is also shouldered a lot of important tasks.In previous media reports, Ni xianghua’s title is not only general manager of North Zhejiang Company, but also deputy general manager of Huanhu Company and general manager of Hangzhou Bay Sunac Cultural Tourism City Project.From the photos taken at the scene of her various activities, Ni Xianghua is not old, temperament is outstanding, business ability is recognized.As early as 2017, Ni Xianghua, as a representative of Sunac, served as the executive deputy General Manager of the “Hefei Wanda City” project, which the Group cooperated with Wanda.After returning to the southeast region, she became the deputy general manager of anhui Company.Since then, Ni xianghua’s career has been bound up with hangzhou Bay Culture and Tourism City.Melting and although has done more than ten projects of the same type, but the layout is the first time, zhejiang head “zhejiang’s first tour city” and “zhejiang province biggest brigade project” aura, as a project leader NiXiangHua naturally have many chances for public appearances, which is why the last two years she often dealing with the media of the main reasons.The Hangzhou Bay “Water World” theme park was just completed and opened in mid-2021. Ni xianghua’s team also launched “Snow World” without a break. In order to catch up with the “wind wind” of the Winter Olympics, sunac has more than 30 snow resorts in hand, which are busy preparing for the layout.Whether Ni Xianghua will successfully complete the Hangzhou Bay Project in the future will not only affect her own career, but also affect the trend of Sunac Culture Travel 3.0 stage.It remains to be seen how this will end.