Gu Ailing last jump of this movement, because of a convention

2022-04-29 0 By

On February 18, the Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing women’s u-shaped ground skills final team player GuAiLing in a landslide victory in the third round GuAiLing has targeted the gold medal before the last jump so she fully enjoyed the last jump with “fun, funny,” action to celebrate the victory with the two action attracted the attention of the netizens left left left down why this action done twice?”Ten years ago I told one of my old Chinese friends that if I could win the Olympic gold medal, I would do a Cossack jump in the air,” Gu posted on social media.After the Asian Super League match, gu Said on his social media platform that the “Cossack” jump was his signature move and the first move he learned on the platform.Source: Beijing Daily, Edited by Hu Ying