Four abilities that make a person more valuable the longer he lives

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Now is the future!What you’ll be like five years from now, 10 years from now, even 20 or 30 years from now, is predictable.Because your status, values, and abilities have a direct impact on who you become.In short, what you are worth now determines what you will be worth later in life. So, how do you live to be worth more?1. The Ability to LearnCharlie Munger said, “I’ve never met a smart person in my life who doesn’t read every day.The best way to keep growing is to keep learning.Do not learn, in the short term can not see what difference, but time is long, the difference will be very obvious.People who are motivated to learn and learn regularly are more valuable, have more energy, and have a positive attitude. Everything that happens in their life is a joy to them.People who have no sense of learning and are unwilling to learn tend to be passive, pessimistic, and always complain about life and people around them. They prefer a static life to a lively and interesting life.So what’s bad about not learning?Why does a life without learning have no future?1 do not learn, the possibility of being eliminated is greater people who do not learn, for a long time, not only lack of common sense of life, easy to stumble in life, at work, it is also easy to frustrated.Because of the lack of awareness of learning, I am always satisfied with the present and turn a blind eye to my shortcomings. I will not take the initiative to invite excellent people around me and will not sum up experience from my own practice. As a result, my professional ability cannot be improved and I tend to become the first choice of leaders when downsizing.Perhaps learning will not be very effective at the beginning, but as long as you stick to it, you will find that the change is not only their ability to deal with problems, but also their own mentality.As the saying goes: those who persist in learning are younger in mind and younger in gain.2. Learning is the best card for ordinary people throughout the people around us, it is not difficult to see that those who really achieve great things, often have a good habit — stick to learning.Stop learning, your present value is all your value, your present ability is your future ability, many new things and new jobs, you may not be able to control.To stop learning, for us ordinary people, is to give up the opportunity.Giving up on a promotion, a raise, a better life, a more hopeful future.To stop learning, for those of us from ordinary backgrounds, is to give up possibility.We give up the possibility of improving ourselves, of increasing our worth, of living with more dignity.Born as ordinary people, we do not have to feel sorry, but also must not stop, give up learning, the future is often lost possibility.Who you are is more important than who you know, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to build relationships and network because when it comes to the crunch, your network is your lifeline.How important is networking?1. Quality level, Get Faster growth You are what you are.If you are an excellent person, the people around you will not be bad, if you are weak, the people around you will not be much better than you.But that doesn’t mean you can’t make better friends or that you don’t deserve better ones.Connections need to be managed, relationships are maintained.Good people may have passed you by in your time of neglect.Networks can be managed. Approach people better than you and learn from them, but don’t forget to manage the relationship.Appropriate care, appropriate greetings, appropriate gifts, whether it is time or material contributions, are certainly worth it.In the past few years of working, what I have come to feel most deeply is that “people in their 20s rely on hard work, people in their 30s rely on strength, and people in their 40s rely on seniority”.As a new person, young person, no experience, no ability, no contacts, nothing age, it is easy to be targeted, easy to be bullied.However, it is not difficult for you to see that there are always some people, even worse than you, but you will find that they can not do dirty work round, do wrong will not be scolded, do not want to do can not do, in the complex difficult workplace, fish in troubled waters feel at ease.Just because they’ve been there longer, they’re older, they’re older, even though they might not be as good as a rookie.Seniority refers to qualifications and experience.As a senior, he has the right to tell you what to do, as a senior, he has more experience than you, more experience than you, he has the right to do whatever he wants.So, if you’ve been living hard and working hard, recognition and opportunity have been slow to come your way.Chances are, you’re limited by who you belong to, and it’s not just you, but who you know and who’s willing to show up for you when the chips are down.The Ability to Calm Down A person who is unable to calm down will have impaired thinking and judgment.People who can’t calm down can’t focus on anything, can’t really get involved, can’t settle down.Impetuous, has become the pronoun of this era, as everyone knows, too impetuous, hurt the body sad, must be more harm than good.Be quiet, be really engaged in what you’re doing, be really engaged in what you love, be quiet and at the same time enjoy yourself in the present moment, not in self-abandonment.The more impetuous times, the more need to have the power to calm down.Let yourself calm down, is a kind of ability, a kind of ability to control their emotions;Let yourself calm down, is a kind of power, a kind of power can appease the heart;Let yourself calm down, is an attitude, an attitude can be happy;To be quiet is a kind of concentration, a kind of concentration that can be more valuable;Let yourself calm down, is a pattern, a can not panic pattern.People who know how to calm down, just know clearly, what is the most important, what is the most suitable for their own, such you, live sober and comfortable.You will think, you will reflect, you will focus, you will precipitate yourself, such you, the future will be more and more valuable.Four, management ability of all outstanding people, have super management ability.Not only can you manage your emotions well, but you can also easily manage the people around you.The so-called management ability, in fact, is interpersonal ability, simply put, is the ability to deal with people around.Dealing with people higher than themselves is called upward management, such as superiors, elders;You can talk and laugh with your elders, and get along with your boss is like a friend.Dealing with people below you is called managing down, such as subordinates, children;She can get along with her children as friends and family, and get along with her subordinates as if she were a confidant.Parallel management is to get along with people who are similar to you, such as colleagues and friends.You can talk to your colleagues and get along with your friends as if they were relatives.One’s management ability not only reflects one’s IQ, but also tests one’s eq, communication level and mental maturity.And that ultimately determines who we become, what heights we reach, and what kind of life we lead.Living more and more valuable, more and more valuable, it may be hard to get tired, but it’s definitely worth the effort.Above, mutual encouragement!Every day, I and you.In the way you like, enjoy life, wish you, wish me.Above all!Charles’s small house like to remember to pay attention to me acridine, can also pay attention to my public number ~ Charles’s small house