Every appearance is the focus of the Mitsubishi Outlander affordable and well-stocked

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Although Mitsubishi Outlander has not replaced you for many years, it still has a high cost performance ratio in the joint venture SUV models, and has accumulated a good reputation in China for many years.2021 Outlander as the model of the year, from the real car can be seen that the new car in the appearance of the basic continuation of the current model of the design style, but in detail has been adjusted.Before the face of large size inlet inside China about two article wide silver decoration throughout will be on both sides of the big sharp headlamp unit connected to the middle of the logo, match on both sides of the same wide modelling adornment revealed a strong fashion sense, surrounded by below also use silver decoration, new vigour and further enhance the visual impact.The side shape of the car body is simple and atmospheric, and I believe you are familiar with it. The straight upper waist line runs through the front and back, and the B/C column with black treatment creates a visual effect of suspension roof. The size of the car body is 4705*1810*1710mm, and the wheelbase is 2670mm.Details on the new Outlander 7-seat comfortable version of the side skirt of the black decorative pieces changed with the body of the same color paint material, so that the new car appears more delicate, dynamic.The overall shape of the tail is simple and atmospheric, using the design style of narrow on the top and wide on the bottom. A chrome decorative strip is passed between the taillight groups on both sides, and a large silver protection plate is also used in the surrounding area below. Although the bright spot is not big, it is still very durable.Interior trim on the new outlander continues the same cash model layout style, contracted and simple, the left is the three type of multi-function steering wheel, the front control of embedded display, LCD panel and the materials used a similar carbon fiber texture on new cars plaque and soft materials, the overall look though a few fashion sense, but the luxurious feeling build was very good.In terms of seats, the new car adopts the 2+3+2 seat layout, and the back seat can be proportionally recline, which improves the space utilization rate of the vehicle to a certain extent.The new car will continue to carry 2.0L and 2.4L self-priming engines, with maximum power of 122kW and 141kW, and maximum torque of 201 nm and 235 NM, respectively. The transmission is matched with CVT transmission, and some models will also be equipped with S-AWC four-wheel drive system.This shop car give ten heavy gifts, welcome to inquire, guangqi Mitsubishi Hunan star store all staff look forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service purpose!