Eight elements of test cases

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The eight elements of test cases are: 1.2. Test items;3. Title of test case;4. Importance level;5. Preset conditions;6. Test input;7. Operation steps;8. Expected results.1. Test case number A unique character string consisting of letters, characters, and digits.Eg: 1) the system test: product number test item name – – ST – system integration testing: test item name – no. 2) product number – IT – integration test item name – integration test item name – no. 3) the unit test: product number – UT – unit test item name – unit test item name – the number that see number can know what test is done,What is the object of the test, also easy to maintain.2. Test item Category, tested requirement, tested module, and tested unit of the test case where the current test case resides.3. Test Case title A brief description of a test case.Describe the test points of the test case in general terms.The title of each test case cannot be repeated because the test points of each test case are different.4. Importance levels are classified into high, medium, and low: High: cases that ensure basic system functions, core services, important features, and high actual usage frequency.Medium: Test cases of high and low importance;Low level: test cases of modules or functions that are not frequently used and have little impact on system service functions.5. Prerequisites Prerequisites for the current test case. If the prerequisites are not met, the test cannot be performed or the expected result cannot be obtained.6. Test input External information to be input during the execution of the test case.According to the specific situation of software test cases, there are contents manually entered, uploaded files, and database records.7. Procedure This section describes the procedure for performing the test case. You can perform the test case according to the procedure for performing the test case.8. Expected Result Expected result of the current test case, including the returned value, interface response result, and rule compliance of the output result.1, Test management tools 2, test cases how to write