The 32-year-old actress was one of the first to make an appearance after her split, driving her baby around in a luxury car and enjoying her brief relationship with Kanye West

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Julia Fox was all smiles as she held her son Valentino for the first time since her short-lived love affair in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon., a 32-year-old Italian actress, because love and rapper kanye west, and successfully, although she has to travel for many years in Hollywood, but had no love for two months of big harvest, announced a few days ago she post on social media and break up big talker, but in the outside view, this is two people of the “contract”,And Julia is easily the biggest beneficiary.Curled in a head of golden brown hair Julia, looked at his son with a happy smile, this is her husband and pilot “” love crystallization, as for the” Julia and her husband, “have a divorce, the outside is not too clear, just know before Julia and kan ye love actress for” husband “made a fierce batch, denounced the ignored for children, etc.As you can see from photos of Her on social media, Julia’s contented smile is not only proud to be a mother, but also proud to be a wealthy woman, driving around in a luxury car.According to The Daily Mail, the blue sedan she was driving is a new model of the Maserati Giri Boli range and will start at $78,000 in the US, making it a luxury car.So it makes sense that Julia’s two-month relationship with Kanye West was so fruitful.Kanye’s last public gift to Julia came just days before the couple split.Kanye west showed up to The 32nd birthday party and gave her a birkin bag, not just for Her, but for her four best friends. It’s just a little different from hers.Of course, five birkin bags may not seem like a luxury item for billionaire Kanye West, but they’re a huge gift for his struggling girlfriend.She starred alongside Adam Sandler in The film Rough Diamond, which received critical acclaim, but has not had much to show for her work since then.In a recent interview, She spoke about rough Diamond and was confident that she was a Muse for director Josh Safi.However, Internet users expressed their disdain for Julia after she even got the title of the film wrong.”Leave me alone, I was drunk,” She later posted on social media.