Mysteel: Metallurgical coal price quotation in Shanxi market on Feb 7

2022-04-28 0 By

7 coking coal market smooth operation.In terms of producing area, local mines have resumed production one after another, and state-owned large mines have normal production during the Spring Festival. Affected by logistics factors during the Spring Festival, coal mine inventory has been accumulated, and some coal washing plants are still in the state of holiday.In terms of demand, coking steel enterprises also continue to maintain the production limit policy before the Spring Festival, more inventory before the tired stock, now the enthusiasm for purchasing is weak, coke prices have a slight fall, coking coal is expected to have a callback after the Spring Festival, but the callback is still limited, short-term coking coal market stability in weak operation.In terms of price, linfen low sulfur lean coal (A10S0.45G75) spot exchange tax inclusive 2350 yuan/ton, low sulfur main coke coal (inner ash 7S0.5G85) spot exchange tax inclusive 1159 yuan/ton, low sulfur 1/3 coking coal (A10.5S0.6G87) spot tax inclusive 1650 yuan/ton;Luliang area high sulfur main coking coal (A10.5S2.5G80) cash exchange including tax 2420 yuan/ton;The low sulfur lean coal (A10S0.4G30) in Changzhi area is 2060 yuan/ton, and the low sulfur lean lean coal (A10.5S0.4G15) is 1880 yuan/ton.