Did gold hold at 1780?

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Today’s message: Investment needs continuous progress on the road.Dear friends, long time no see. Today is the seventh day of the first lunar month, and many of you are already in work mode. Likewise, I am back at work to continue my analysis of the gold market and start a new chapter in 2022.Live time is half past three in the afternoon to 4 PM, don’t forget to the gold market, sure this year’s performance is much better than last year, as we all know, the gold in 2021, has been running in the big triangle shock interval, as of early February this year, but failed to break the triangle, a serious shortage of space have to be able to run, however, that is in a state of broken bits of almost,And more than a year of time, is to do foreshadowing for the trend of the future, like this for a long time, once broken bits, is to be reckoned with, specific you can reference for 16 years to form a triangle form, 19 years after a performance, so the performance of the 2022 gold is certainly better than 21 years, break the triangle pattern also is only a matter of time,If it is fast, just these two months, before the first quarter of this year, if it is slow, we need to pay attention to the first half of the year, the most anticipated date is March.As to break a direction, in the short term and no clear answer, but according to the monthly triangle shape, form, before continuing the trend of the possibility of larger, that is to break up, because there is no top, straight down the probability is smaller, so for the future expectations, is more likely to break up a downward again, after near the high before 2074,This is our expectation for the overall trend of gold this year. Every trading day in the future, we will follow up the trend of gold step by step to verify whether our expectation is correct.Spot gold trend analysis:In terms of the daily chart, the large structure is still running in the triangular oscillation range. The lower structure broke the upward channel since 1751 last week. Although it rose in 1780 after falling below this position, the daily line has not yet appeared the bottom form, so 1780-1815 can only be regarded as the rebound band in the decline process of 1854.Nearly two days of take-up so long, that below buying support, you need to pay attention to in the short term 1780-1775 a line of the bottom to form a double-dip appear secondary test may, before not formed at the bottom of the form, pay attention to the key resistance 1820 a line, the location is broken under the uplink channel backpressure, days hit can empty single layout,If the bottom pattern fails to form in 1775-1780, attention should be paid to the possibility of testing near 1746, which is twice the drop of 1854-1880.Short term 4 hours, in the recent shock rebound, gold has formed a short-term upward channel since 1780, combined with the previous down band, the whole is a down flag-shaped consolidation pattern, indicating that this period of decline to 1780 has not fallen in place, but the MACD index fast and slow line has moved up again, long volume contraction.At this point you will need to pay attention to the gold price downward broken bits uplink channel out of the low end of play 4 hours may deviate from and form a double-dip, days of short-term layout, focus first on since the 1854 fall 50% callback 1817 line, this position is short days to consider empty position, further resistance on 1820 a line, the location is line of back pressure,Strong resistance is focused on 1831, where the top break is formed.Below watch out for bullish opportunities after the new lows of 1780.The expected position is 1775-1778. Conclusion: The monthly line runs to the end of the triangle, pay attention to the possibility of breaking in the first quarter, the direction of breaking is more inclined to be upward, near the pre-test high of 2074 or after a small new high turns down.This is expected for the entire year.Daily line has no bottom pattern, watch for possible low of 1780 before retest, watch for strong resistance of 1820.In the short term, there is a bearish flag, not enough to fall, pay attention to the possibility of breaking a new low of 1780, above pay attention to the 1817 open opportunity, below pay attention to the possibility of new low bottom divergence.My analysis of varieties are: international gold, paper gold, gold TD, short – term, medium – long – term as a supplement;The above is only a personal point of view, light warehouse operation is recommended for reference only.Investment is risky and entering the market should be cautious