Always feel Lin Yuner looks very much like an actress of outback, finally found, the look in the eyes is too like

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Lin Yun son, was born in 1990 in Seoul, is the Korean wave force holds an actress, over the years is very strong, people grow also is very good, now is a star crossover is very successful, originally is a singer, but is now an actor, play has been nominated prize several times, the works of visible Lin Yun’s son is very strong,It’s not what everyone says about being liked by their appearance level.Over the years, although the development rate of Korean wave has slowed down a lot, but it still has a high influence. In the eyes of many mainland fans, Korean wave stars are still very popular, especially good-looking, Song Hye-kyo, Quan Zhihyun, IU, Lin Yuner. These are the goddess in the eyes of many mainland fans.And Lin Yuner is really talented, did not learn to act her acting can be said to let a lot of the audience can not find fault, this is still very rare.This is also a reason why many people like her, but you should know that there are many actresses in the entertainment industry, and some audiences are always confused.And a lot of people say total feeling Lin Yuner looks like a mainland actress, finally found, the look in the eyes is too like.A lot of people say Lin Yuner looks like Zhao Liying, especially the eyes, two people are deer eyes, are very good actors, Zhao Liying these years although the popularity is not so high before, but her reputation has been very good, acting is also recognized by a lot of netizens.Two people put together may be clearly separated, but a look around, or not clear who is who?Do you think Lin Yuna and Zhao Liying look alike?