Watergate Bridge has won the first place in the box office ranking of 7 Chinese New Year movies, and the four worlds will be overtaken by Xiong Da

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This year’s New Year movies are far less brilliant than the previous two years.Not a phenomenon!”Watergate Bridge” did well, but not as well as last year’s “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Hello Lee Hwan-ying.”And the rest of the movies are no better than those of previous years.Therefore, this year’s box office is depressed. Even so, this year’s ticket prices are still several pieces more expensive than last year, so the overall box office results are still good.A total of seven well-known films were released during the holiday, and after four days of screening, the box office rankings are becoming clearer.Currently ranked in the first place is undoubtedly “Watergate Bridge”, because “Changjin Lake” as the first part of the bottom “Watergate Bridge” from the beginning of the release whether it is propaganda, or the number of films given by the cinema, has reached the top, released 4 days box office breakthrough 1.646 billion.More than 90% of the Yangtze river lake scene images are taken by tsui hark alone, so and first produced by the director of the three common camera images of fragmentation are different, the film style is unified, with grand grand spectacle and exciting battle, and the cast of luxury, coupled with the long jin lake 1 department of word of mouth,”Watergate Bridge” is the undisputed New Year’s box office winner.In second place is “The Killer is Not Too Calm” produced by Mahua Funage, starring Mary and Wei Xiang.As the Spring Festival of the film, should be comedy, after all, the family ah.Although the Killer is not too cool has been questioned by many, the quality is not as good as the original, the funny plot is too deliberately, funny for the sake of funny.But as a comedy in the New Year, it’s really indispensable.After the big Family, starring Alan Shenteng, was suddenly pulled from the Chinese Lunar New Year, two of the seven films were removed for animation, leaving only five adult films.It turns out that four of them are sad, depressing movies, just one comedy, so The Professional is not going to be any worse this year.Yi Yangqianxi’s “Miracle Child” has grossed 408 million yuan in its first four days, not bad for a small-budget inspirational youth drama.Currently ranked in the fourth place by Shen Teng, Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun starring “The Four Seas”, but the loss has been out, released four days at the box office of 404 million, but the volume has dropped from the original 15% to 7.9%, the attendance rate is lower to only 4.9%.Originally thought that “the four Seas” in the flow of small fresh meat, box office guarantee shen Teng, coupled with the film marketing publicity, this year thought is the New Year file of the strong competition for the championship player, who knows the first day of release, word of mouth plummeted.So far, the universal douban rating has fallen to 5.6, with the audience to describe the film, comedy is not like comedy, tragic drama is not like tragic drama, finally made a Sibuxiang, read all do not know what story to tell.Rounding out the top five was Boonies After Earth, with a box office of 350 million yuan, followed by Sniper at the sixth place with 129 million yuan, and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf frame the Future at the seventh place with 68.82 million yuan.The “sniper”, “pleasant goat and Wolffy grades although front films as well, it is because their exhaust volume is too low, although” sniper “is directed by zhang yimou and his daughter at the end of the film, but in the day when was only 10% of the amount, now fallen to 7.4%.The main reason is that the film is too depressing. Is it really appropriate to let the audience see the pictures of flesh and blood flying in the Spring Festival?”Watergate Bridge” that’s because the first film set the stage, and audiences are willing to pay for part 2, but “Sniper” has a hard time doing that.”Pleasant Goat and the Big, Big Wolf,” which returned after a 10-year hiatus, earned 68.82 million yuan with childhood filters.Although it did not break 100 million, but if you look at his screen only 2.8%.It went straight to 10 percent, reaching the same level of attendance as boonie bears, the most popular film of all time, and you can see that Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf are really underrated.Xiaobian went to the cinema to watch 7 films, these days the cinema is basically a lot of people!But the only sellout was Pleasant Goat and The Big, Big Wolf.There are not as many children as big friends in the cinema, but the capital of this film is doomed to low box-office results.But that doesn’t mean the movie has bad reviews.And compared to the side of the “Four Seas” with 2.8% of the screen volume in a single day until the release of 6.12 million box office single-day results, and “Four Seas” 7.9% of the screen volume, but only 992 box office, this has been able to prove the “Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf” outstanding.But the biggest surprise of the year was “Boonie bears: After Earth,” a new concept film from Boonie Bears, featuring futuristic technology and action-packed scenes that entertained children in theaters and allowed adults to pick up on the basics of mature sci-fi movies.As a result, boonies After Earth is the most underrated of the six biggest films of the lunar New Year season.At the current rate of growth, it’s only a matter of time before we surpass Universal.