Under the initiative of the New Year in situ, “the war to stay” started?The benefits are so generous that outsiders are reluctant to leave

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The impact of the epidemic has brought great changes to our work and life.Up to now, the Spring Festival is coming, but many places in China have reported the epidemic, and some areas have even been closed down.We’ll be fighting the epidemic for a while.Many of us have been working hard and busy for a year. At the end of the year, it is time for us to go home. However, under the epidemic, going home has become an issue that needs attention again.Are we going home or not? Is it safe?The return of migrant workers to their hometowns and the Spring Festival travel rush will bring greater risks to the recurrence of the epidemic, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the current epidemic prevention and control situation. In order to reduce the flow of population, many places have issued various subsidy policies to keep people in their hometown for the Spring Festival and advocate reducing the number of people going out.Seeing welfare available, foreigners say they don t want to leave.From the latest news released, we can know that this year’s Spring Festival travel rush starts on Jan 17 and will last until Feb 25.In the meantime, there is bound to be massive turnover.In response, many places have issued the latest requirements, encouraging people to actively respond to the call to stay in place.When encouraging people to stay in local areas for the Spring Festival, some enterprises in Zhejiang, for example, will give 1,000 yuan to employees who stay in local areas for the Spring Festival.In some places, enterprises are required to give red envelopes to employees during the Spring Festival.Of course, the relevant departments will also give certain cash and tangible benefits to enterprises that actively cooperate with the state.In some areas of Guangdong, a lot of publicity was carried out to encourage local Spring Festival and inform the subsidy policy. Meanwhile, enterprises were required to implement the policy from the perspective of employees.Reduce staff turnover as much as possible without affecting enterprise production.In addition, from the perspective of people’s livelihood, Beijing focuses on market supervision and management, especially the control of the market for daily necessities, so as to curb the wide range of price fluctuations and ensure the price stability of ordinary people during the Spring Festival.Now more regions are introducing policies, whether cash subsidies or material incentives, with the ultimate goal of keeping people in.The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China. Everyone has a Spring Festival in mind. Families reunite and visit relatives and friends.Frequent gatherings of people will put unprecedented pressure on epidemic prevention and control.Therefore, in order to end the epidemic as soon as possible, we should reduce the number of people going out and gathering as much as possible, so that we can have more happy parties after the epidemic is over.The importance of daily protection can also be found through the news, compared with the domestic epidemic, the situation abroad, more serious.There are also many Chinese abroad, the Spring Festival comes, they also want to go home for the New Year.In view of this situation, we must attach great importance to overseas imports, pay attention to inspection and quarantine, strictly guard against them, and minimize international flows as much as possible.Especially some friends from abroad, in accordance with the relevant requirements around the registration report, must not hide the trip.In areas free of the virus, people are not restricted from normal travel.However, whether we go back home or celebrate the New Year in place, self-protection is always the most important thing. Wearing a good mask, washing hands frequently and ventilate when going out has become a platitude, but it still cannot be ignored.To sum up, our way of life has changed quietly under the epidemic situation. As the Spring Festival is coming, we are looking forward to going back to our hometown and reunite with our families. But now we should do a good job of self-protection, pay attention to disinfection and sterilization, and reduce going out and visiting crowded places.The temporary separation is for better reunion in the future.Besides, nowadays the network is developed, cloud gathering and video chat are also a good method.Epidemic prevention and control requires full participation and cooperation from all of us.